Friday, May 27, 2016

DIY: Lemon Wreath

The other week, I posted a picture of my favorite summer wreath. There were many people who were interested in how I made the wreath! So I decided to bring back my tutorial so everyone can make their own lemon wreath! 

DIY: Lemon Wreath

The materials you need are:
  • Grapevine wreath form or styrofoam form: you can buy these at Hobby Lobby or Michael's
  • Bag of plastic lemons or lemons on a branch: once agin, Hobby Lobby or Michael's
  • Hot glue
  • Zip ties
  • Bow: I like pre-made bows at any craft store, because they are perfectly tied and hold up great

Through my experience, I liked the way the lemons on a stick looked. I wanted the lemons to be the main focus, but I also wanted a pop of green from the leaves too. They were able to be shaped into the wreath form and I just attached them with zip ties. Depending on the type of material the lemons are made out of, the hot glue may not actually hold them down. It drove me crazy! But it ended up being fine if when I attached them to something other than the other lemons.

Basically the only instructions I have for you is shape them around the wreath form and glue them down really well. If you use the branch, I suggest using the lemons on a stick and shaping them into the wreath and tying them with the zip ties. Once you have glued on enough lemons to make you need a glass of lemonade, add the finishing touches like a bow. I chose a classic black and white striped bow, which I might add looks incredible. Wired ribbon bows work the best and hold their form better than anything else. Just add a pipe cleaner to the bow and attach to the wreath! Voila! You have a PERFECT summer wreath!

I promise you it'll look darling up on your door and evoke such a sense of happiness whenever you walk back in the house from getting the mail. I am going to be so sad taking it off the door when the Fall rolls around, but for now, I will just smile and enjoy. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy the long weekend and time with your friends and family! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lingerie Shower Gift Guide

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I think one of my favorite parts about getting married was the lingerie shower! It was just such a fun little party that really amped up my lingerie drawer! My best friends are getting married and I am already on the hunt for the perfect lingerie for their drawers at home!

My tips on picking out lingerie for your Bride-to-be are pretty simple. Pick something that she will like, but also go a little wild! She only gets married one time, so why not pick something really cool and gorgeous to look at? As long as you think she'd feel comfortable in it, go for it. Make sure to pick out something that will make her feel confident as well. You don't want your bestie feeling nervous in what you pick out for her.

Traditionally, wedding lingerie is white. My advice, go for black, a light pink or blue. These colors scream sexy to me and will really make quite the impression. When shopping for the bride, think lots of lace, soft fabrics, and satin or silk. Anything soft will always be a winner. At my shower, I got a lot of leopard print items, which is so totally me. If she likes animal prints, I totally suggest leopard. But hey? I'm a little biased. 

All in all, a lingerie shower is the a great time to really have some fun and give the bride a really fun gift. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Shop with Me: Beach Edition

Tuesday is here and we are one step closer to Memorial Day! Wether you're going to the beach, lake, or just hanging out, have some fun this weekend! Another big bonus, there's a bunch of awesome sales this weekend, so I created a beachy shop with me post that makes me dream of strawberry daiquiris and my toes in the sand! 

Charm Sandals // These are probably the cutest new idea in sandals I've ever seen. I absolutely adore the bright colors, the charms, and the eclectic feel of these shoes. When you're wearing these, how can you not have the biggest smile on your face? I'm adding a pair of these beauties to my birthday wishlist!

White Purses // Summer is the perfect time to pull out your white bags and wear them with EVERYTHING! Recently, I saw a picture in the Nordstrom catalogue that highlighted white purses. That's when I fell in love with this white hot color. So now naturally I want one! I also love the tassels on a bunch of these I picked out. 

Sun Hats //  I've seen an abundance of sun hats that have adorable phrases written on the brims. I just think that is the cutest thing ever. There was one that said "Call me on my shell phone" and I just couldn't stop laughing. I'm sure I sent that to my husband as a hint hint for a birthday present. Not only are these hats adorable, but they're essential to any beach trip. They make protecting your skin from sun super chic. 

Sunnies // A good pair of sunglasses really is the cherry on top to any outfit. I'm personally a classic Ray-Bans girl, but browsing around I found some styles I would totally be willing to try. The heart ones are way too cute! Reminds me of when I was a little girl. I also love the modern take on the cat eye silhouette. So darn adorable! 

Beach Towels //  A beach trip is not complete without a darling beach towel! Bright colors, fun prints, and tropical vibes make for a really perfect beach trip. Any of these will make a perfect towel to lay on and enjoy the sun for an afternoon! 

I hope these inspire you to go shopping! Planning a beach trip ASAP!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

JORD Wood Watches + Giveaway

Happy Monday everyone. Even though it's Monday, Memorial Day is right around the corner! YAY! We all know I'm a huge fan of really beautiful pieces, especially when they are unique and different. Let me introduce you to the beautiful Frankie Purpleheart & Plum watch by JORD

When I opened up the wooden box and saw this gorgeous wooden watch I was blown away. Yes, you read that right, wooden watch! The best part about this watch I would say is the color. The plum color is rich, luxurious, and striking to say the least. There are also rose gold accents on the face, which really amp up the entire watch. For the few days I have worn it out, I cannot tell you how many times people mentioned they love my watch! I totally 100% agree, it's a seriously gorgeous watch. Want a conversation piece? A JORD watch is your new best friend!

Can we just talk about how JORD offers free shipping, custom sizing to fit your wrist perfectly, and a 1 year warranty! They literally thought of everything when it comes to making their customers happy as can be. You can shop all the stunning watches and let me know which one you love!

Now to the best part. JORD graciously offered to give a $75 e-voucher to one lucky winner! And even better, everyone who enters, but doesn't win will receive a $20 e-voucher for your very own watch! No one walks away empty handed in this give away. All you have to do is click on the link and enter in the info.

The contest will end on 05/30 at 11:59. So really you should just enter the contest, because no matter what happens, you will get a $20 gift certificate to use on your own watch! 

Now, which JORD watch is your favorite?? I know it's totally hard to pick a favorite! Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

P.S. Father's Day is rapidly approaching and what could be a better gift than an astoundingly
awesome wooden watch? I know the fathers in your lives would adore any of the watches JORD offers.

This post is sponsored by JORD. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites

Ahh! I can't believe it's already Frida again! The week flew by! On Wednesday, I had an interview for a dream job and it was one of the toughest interviews I've ever done. Then on Thursday I went to the Creative Souls launch party and a celebration for Tecovas boots. It was a busy, but extraordinarily fun evening. And to finish it all off, today my hubby and I are going to the Opry to see Carrie Underwood and Toby Keith! I've never seen them before and I'm totally excited to go.

On to my favorites for the week!

The Mrs Box // It feels like all my friends are getting married, which is a lot of fun. I stumbled upon these gorgeous ring boxes that I think would make a fantastic engagement present or bridal shower present. Even better news, The Mrs Box is so kind and is giving everyone of my reader's a 10% discount through the end of May! Just use the code Home10 and you've got yourself a gorgeous ring box. Just take a look at these dreamy pictures. You can shop all of the ring boxes here!

photo credits to The Mrs Box

Jord Wood Watches // I am working on something exciting with this fabulous watch company. All of the watches are wooden. I've never seen anything like that before! Make sure to drop by the blog on Monday to see what I've got going on with Jord! 

M Street Nashville // At the Tecovas Boot party, my friend Nicole and I went to Saint Anejo for the first time. Let me just tell y'all, the food and cocktails were out of this world. I've never been to any of the M street restaurants, but I can tell you I will be going back and trying them all. M Street is a group of 6 restaurants made up of all different types of cuisines. There is something for everyone and I'm seriously so excited to try them all. I love Mexican food and Saint Anejo really blew me away. 

Tecovas Boots // Yesterday's celebration was the first introduction to this Texas boot company. They are from Austin (hello?! one of my favorite cities) and they make stunning boots. As a Texas girl or a Tennessee one too, a good pair of boots is essential to your wardrobe. Tecovas is the first boot company that sells directly to you at home. There's no going through retail markup or anything like that. Genius idea if you ask me. The boots are made of luxurious leather and made to fit absolutely perfectly. Give these a shot and I promise you'll love them! 

I hope everyone has the absolute best weekend! I look forward to some downtime on Saturday to relax and watch the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie! My hubby has never seen any of them, so we finally are on the third one! 

PS: I am wallet shopping and having the hardest time picking one. I've used my favorite Prada wallet everyday for four years now. So in order to protect my favorite wallet, I think I need a new one!