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Oh, The Places You'll Shop: All Things Kitchen

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The Kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house in my opinion. A lot of good things happen in the kitchen, like cooking dinner with your husband, chatting with friends around the island, or stealing a midnight snack from the pantry. Since the kitchen has an important role in the house, the things inside it must be up for the challenge. Kitchen utensils, textiles, pots and pans, cookie sheets, coffee pots are all essential to the function of the kitchen. So, let's discuss the best places to shop all things kitchen.

  • Sur La Table is the most spectacular place to shop all things kitchen. They have literally everything you need and in all different price ranges. I love their dish towels, oven mitts and super huge selection on Le Creuset. Pro tip for Sur La Table: they have cooking classes, which are phenomenal and they really help you create the best dishes to take home and cook again. A lot of their stuff is Parisian themed or Italian themed, which is absolutely adorable and totally chic. The apple of my eye at this shop is the darling Flavored Macarons Kitchen Towel. Who doesn't adore macarons!? Anyways, Sur La Table is a wonderful treasure full of all things kitchen and the sales people are extremely knowledgeable. If you ever have questions, do not hesitate to ask!

  • Williams-Sonoma is Pottery Barn's sophisticated cousin and boy does it live up to expectations. Anything you could possibly dream of, you can find at Williams-Sonoma. I shop their holiday collections, because the pieces are just stunning. The prices are a little high, but anything you purchase here will last you ages and will do a phenomenal job as well. They also provide some free cooking classes and some that cost some money. Even better, they have cooking classes for children to get them more involved in the kitchen. I also am a huge fan of the food products they have in the stores. The pasta sauces are to die for and they are even Tyler (my husband) approved. W-S has a wonderful variety of cooking utensils and everything you could need for a very beautiful and perfect kitchen. 

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond is the mother of all things home related. If you can tackle the chaotic environment, then this store is a great place to find what you're looking for. The thing about this store, is they have so many things that you find new things to want while walking around! There is a reason so many people use this as their wedding registry destination. The prices are great and the selection is practically endless. Pro tip here: NEVER buy anything at full price. Always use the 20% off coupon that comes in the mail or through e-mail or even a text message. You can find top designers like Waterford and Kate Spade here and also more affordable brands too. BB&B is really a great place to do a one stop shopping trip for anything kitchen and home related. 

  • I'll go ahead and throw in Macy's  to the mix, because everyone knows this store is a great place to find anything you need for the kitchen. I really love the Martha Stewart collection, because the pieces are so whimsical and practical. We use her tupperware daily for bringing our lunches to work and they are really sturdy. You can always find good sales weekly on kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, kitchen textiles, and whatever else you need. I love Macy's and all that they can provide for a happy kitchen. 

Having a really sensible, yet fashionable kitchen is very important to me. I want things to do what they are meant to do, but look cute doing it. So, tomorrow on the blog, we will discuss places to shop for a stylish dining room. Trust me, I have some cute and possibly surprising places to shop!

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