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Oh, The Places You'll Shop: The Lamp House

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Lamps. Everyone knows and loves light in their home, which makes lamps so very important. There are so many options out there on types, styles, sizes, and colors that it makes it hard to pick the perfect lamp. Well I complied a list of the best places to shop for lamps that stun and keep your bank account happy. Whether it be a chandelier or a bedside lamp, these places work for all the lamps you need!

  • First stop is Pier 1 Imports. This gem is a great place to find really cool and unique lamps at a great price. They have a wide variety of table lamps and stand up lamps with a lot of choices on the color and glow the lamp gives off. I found my absolute favorite tortoise shell lamp there and bonus it came with a black shade with a gold lining on the inside. It's truly to die for. I never really shopped Pier 1 before my wedding, but ever since I received a gift card there, I have fallen in love. I am obsessed with this blue Helena Mosaic Lamp and it's even on sale! I'm trying to decide where to put it in the house. Pro tip: look online to see if there are any coupons or codes to get a free goodie. I got a reusable shopping bag the last time I shopped here! Who doesn't love beautiful lamps with a side of free goodies?? 

  • Lowe's is my secret weapon when it comes to chandelier type lamps. In another boring for me, super fun for Tyler, trip to Lowe's I wandered to the lighting aisle. I was astounded with the absolutely gorgeous chandeliers they had and shocked at how low the prices were! I dragged Tyler over to this fixture that serves as a pot rack too. It was less than $150 and made of really lovely bronze. It looks fantastic on the ceiling above my kitchen island. This allen + roth Harpwell beauty will be my next big update to the dining room, because I cannot imagine a life without it. My pro tip for this wonderful store: they offer free store pickup and home delivery at a cost. I don't mind driving a few minutes down the road to pick up a lamp, when shipping is normally pricy. 

  • Z Gallerie is the most expensive of the three stores, but also the most chic and fashionable. The hanging lamps are like nothing you've ever seen. They rang from classic shapes to modern starburst lights. You can really shop it all here.  The prices are quite high for a chandelier, but the quality really is exquisite. I am drooling over the Tuxedo Chandelier, because of the stunning way it is shaped and the gold that is featured on the inside of the shade. The crystal lamps are dripping with luxury and looks just as perfect in person as they do online. Pro tip for here, if you don't have beaucoup of cash to drop on a lamp, wait till they go on sale, then jump on it! Z Gallerie is of my favorite place to browse for a while, because you never know what you'll find!

Lighting is one of the main components of a house, so why not make the lights gorgeous? With these three stores to shop for lamps, the options are endless and you are bound to find the one. Tomorrow, we get to discuss the best places to shop home accents! Be thinking of art, candles, baskets, trinkets, and accent pillows. These can make or break a room, so I'll make sure you're equipped with the best places to buy the best things.

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