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Oh, The Places You'll Shop: Luxe Bed & Bath Linens

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Picking back up on the places I hit to buy home items, today we will discuss the best places to buy linens. Think smooth sheets, soft towels and cozy blankets! As a home owner, I have shopped and shopped all the places for the best linens and the best prices. I am a lover of all things soft so that is on the top of my list when shopping for linens. Keep in mind when shopping thread count and material of the sheets say a lot about what you can expect. The lower the thread count, the scratchier the sheets will be. Also, buzz words like cashmere and silk scream luxurious. So let's get to it, shall we?

  • My all time favorite place to shop linens is Pottery Barn. That store is the king of all linen shops. Their towels are incredibly soft, beautiful, and actually do the job they're supposed to do. The sheets are hands down phenomenal and the blankets are extremely cozy. All of my duvets and comforters come from here and I change them regularly during the year. The one I am currently making the bed with is the Lucianna Medallion Duvet. Let me just tell y'all, it is PERFECT! I have a cashmere blanket with my married monogram on it, which sometimes I feel is too pretty to use! If you love to monogram, Pottery Barn has a fab Monogram Shop that has a lot of options to customize your sheets and towels. Hands down, Pottery Barn is the best place to shop luxurious linens.

  • Nordstrom is a secret treasure that I love to shop for towels. They have the most plush and soft towels I do believe I have ever felt. Nordies offers a variety of colors, sizes, and  textures. Even after washing the towels multiple times, they still hold their shape and keep the softness going. I'm a big fan. Nordstrom also has a gorgeous selection of bedding and blankets. All of the bedding lives up to the hype and really is as beautiful in person as it is in pictures. I am drooling over the Giraffe at Home collection. I love rubbing my hands all over the blankets and laying under the warmth they provide. There is nothing as lovely as a leopard print Giraffe blanket. Nordstrom should be an initial thought when shopping for luxe linens. 

  • Once again, Target makes it onto my list of top places to shop. But let's be real, it is such  versatile place to shop! I think I fell in love with Target linens back in college when shopping for apartment bedding. The Shabby Chic Lace Trim bedding is stunning and looks way more pricy than it is. That's what I love, a fabulously chic look at a lower price tag. Not only do they have sheets, but they have duvets and duvet inserts, blankets, and towels galore. I would advise to shop the Threshold, Shabby Chic, Nate Berkus brands, because they are the best quality for the best prices. Basically, Target is that magically wonderful shop that really can accomplish all your shopping needs. 

I am a huge supporter of all things cozy, so trust me when I say these stores are the top three places to shop for all your bed and bath linens. Tomorrow on the blog, we will tackle all things Kitchen! Another favorite place in my house!

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