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Oh, the Places You'll Shop

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As an avid, and I really mean avid, shopper, home shopping is on the top of my list. I adore shopping for anything and all things home. Whether it be trinkets to artwork to furniture there is nothing I won't browse for. I thought as a great introduction to me, I would tell y'all what my favorite shops are this week. Today, we will start with the big pieces…furniture!

I am a big fan of getting things for a really good price. The sheer thought of dropping thousands on furniture makes me cringe and want to run far, far away from big price tags. So, my husband and I started seeking places that had affordable furniture.

  • Homegoods is a phenomenal place to find big pieces with the cheap price tag. The good and bad thing about this treasure, is you never know what you're going to find. It may be there on Monday and then has disappeared by Tuesday. My advice for this store is to find out the day they receive and put out new stock and shop then. Our store does this on Tuesdays so that is the day I tend to go. Plus, the crowds and super long lines steer me away from weekend shopping at Homegoods. Another tip, check on the condition of the piece before buying. If it has a couple knicks or scratches, you may be able to get a lesser price.

  • Joss and Main is another great place to find furniture without having to spend the major bucks. This site is frequently used on HGTV and the furniture always turns out gorgeous! The quality of the items are very good for the price tag attached to the item. The catch with J&M is you have to shop fast. The site is full of short sales that go on for a few days and tend to sell out rather quickly. Think of it as a home furnishing flash sale. Once you create an account, you can refer other friends to the site and receive credits toward your next purchases. Score for you and score for your friend!

  • Target everyone's favorite store, but also a fabulous furniture shop! I love my headboard and bench that sits at the foot of my bed. The prices are perfect and the style is so chic. Target online has a lot to offer to anybody and the big pieces can be delivered straight to your front door step. Each piece is perfectly detailed and well made, which really makes a budget fueled shopper happy. Price and quality tend to go hand in hand, but at Target the low prices are not reflected in the furniture. They are durable and very comfortable and best of all easy on wallet. Target has anything from stylish bar carts to sturdy bookshelves. Whatever you need, I bet you Target has it.

  • Macy's  is one of the surprise furniture shops that I love to visit. I never would have expected to think of Macy's when I wanted to purchase new furniture, but my experience with them has been nothing but wonderful. We purchased a 12 piece dining set for less that $1000 last 4th of July. The table was delivered in a timely manner, was on time, and is extremely nice. The details on the table exquisite and the dining chairs are very comfortable. Macy's has a plethora of items from beds to benches. Shop the sales and especially the holiday sales. The prices are way too good to pass up. 

    • While I do like to shop on the cheaper side, there is always Pottery Barn . I am so in love the with coziness of all the furniture and the durability of each piece. You may pay more for the furniture, but you will be able to keep it around for a long time. The quality is exceptional and the price does reflect that. If you want that one fantastic piece, then paying a little extra is worth it. My advice for shopping Pottery Barn is wait until they have a sale on their furniture. They normally have big sales around holidays and being a part of their e-mail club pays off with coupons as well! 

    There you have it! My favorite places to shop furniture! Tomorrow, I will talk about my favorite places to go for linens around the house! Everyone knows, you can't have a house without fabulous linens!

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