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A Bookshelf All About Us

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After discussing my favorite places to shop for anything home related, I figured it would be a good idea to start showing off my style. Like I have said previously, I am a mix of classic, traditional, and fun. I like to have pieces in my home that really represent me, Tyler, and the life we are building together. Enter my new (favorite) cube bookshelf to our bonus room. It is an enormous 6 foot by 6 foot cub shelving unit. Tyler and I came up with the idea to showcase our adventures in each cube and have our library collection mixed in between the adventure cubes.

Here is my crazy fun shelf. Each cube on this shelf means a lot to me. We have adventures from running a half marathon, bachelorette party, my bow bouquet from the rehearsal, and Coca-Cola museum weekend. All of the books on the shelf I have read as well. Each one is a really great reminder of the fun things we have done in our lives and the exciting books we have read. I will blow up some of the cubes and give tips on the best way to go about making an adventure bookshelf, but in an organized manner. 

This cube is simple. It's the Let's go Everywhere cube and I love it. It's a daily reminder that we need to do more than just go to work and come home. Bonus, Tyler drew and colored this sweet piece. There's nothing else in the cube, because all eyes are on this one piece of artwork. So hey, let's go everywhere is the mantra in our house.

This cube is my Princess Half Marathon cube. One of my biggest accomplishments in life was finishing the half marathon in Disney World. Of course I dedicated a cube to one of my favorite memories. I also accessorized the subs with a marble box given to me at my high school graduation, a small art piece, and the 13.1 block. This cube screams Nicole, because it's so girly and houses one of my favorite accomplishments. All decorating takes sometimes, is a few pieces that make a strong statement.

Ciao and Benvenuto to my Italian cube. I studied abroad in Arezzo, Italy in 2012 and I adored the experience. Each piece in this cube is from my trip and are very important to me. I found the crown at an Italian flea market. The Sorrento bottle had limoncello in it and is hand painted. The other things are tacky souvenirs, but really mean a lot to me. A really great place to find ahh-mazing goodies is flea markets. The fun part of the markets are the treasure hunt that ensues whenever a bunch of antiques come together. I love shopping them once a month, because the stuff always changes! Explore a flea market, you won't regret it.

This is the cube that jumpstarted the entire project. We went to the Kentucky Derby this year and collected a lot of super cool items. The glasses are perfect display pieces and the special edition bottle of bourbon from Woodford Reserve are a great reminder of the wonderful trip we had. It doesn't take much to make a memorable adventure, so we love to show the fun things we collected from the trip.

A massive cube shelf full of adventures is not always the best idea for everyone's home, but it is a great way to show off the unforgettable memories we have in our lives. From individual accomplishments to trips we have taken together, this shelf shows off us. You could take this idea and morph it into something achievable from your own homes. An adventure shelf is an easy way to showcase your personality and who you are as a person. Anyone have something that really shows off their personalities? Share a picture and tell us how it relates to you!!

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