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A Peek into My Closet: How I Organize

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Like many women in the world, a fabulous closet is a house must! Luckily for me, my house comes with not one, but THREE walk-in closets! Before you ask, yes, I do take up all three with my stuff. I recently participated in one of the best sales of the year, The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! The pretty package showed up on my doorstep yesterday and I was so excited to open it! Since I'm adding new stuff to my closet, I thought I'd share my closet organizing tips on how to keep everything is great shape and looking lovely.

Velvet Hangers // I swear by these! I just recently got into them when I was shopping at Home Goods. They have a million options and I knew I just had to try them out. The velvet on the hangers not only look chic, but they hold the clothes on the hanger really well. I am slowly changing out my entire collection of hangers from my cheap-o plastic ones. It's been so great, because my clothes don't fall and thankfully I don't have to put 100 things back up every day. There are so many options and prices. I have classic black, but I am totally eyeing these pink and purple ones. Home Goods has the best options for the lowest prices. These hangers are perfect for my brand new Lilly cashmere wrap, popover, and anchor sweatshirt!

These are the BEST! 

Shoe Rack // When we moved into the house, the master closet had such a fantastic surprise. The previous owners put in a shoe rack that went all around the closet! It is an absolute genius idea! It makes so much sense and allows me to have my shoes organized. Currently, the top rack has the summer shoes and underneath the rack has the winter shoes. It has come in handy, because it allows me to hog the shoe rack with all my shoes, but also keep things in line. I really like it when things are easy to see, so in the morning when I'm rushing off to work the shoes are easy to grab!

Dust Bags // My philosophy is, if the item comes with a dust bag, use them! The companies want you to take good care of their handbags or shoes. Therefore, don't just toss them in the dark back corner! I know I've paid good money for some of the favs and I'd be devastated if I ruined them. I don't want to risk it and leave them in the elements. Think of it this way, you take great care of yourself, so why not take care of your favorite wardrobe pieces?

Cute Rug // I love a darling rug. I really do. Yet I love a darling rug to spice up my closet. I stumbled upon this perfect ice cream sundae rug up for $12 at Home Goods. It's traveled with me through my last two years in college to now. I think it's so important to add personal touches in every room in your homes. Enter cute rugs that bring a smile to my face every morning. Other options could be a cute fashion print, framed shopping bags from your favorite shops, or even a cute chandelier. Whatever you do, just make it you!

 Hope you all enjoyed a little tour of my closet. I could get lost in there for hours thinking of new things to wear! See ya'll tomorrow for Fri-YAY cocktails!

Home Sweet Blogging,

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  1. Love that wrap around shoe rack -- I wish apartments did things like that!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. Great ideas!! Dust bags are essential!!! I have a pretty decent HB collection and I keep them all in their dust bags. As for shoes I am a freak for keeping them in the box! xx

  3. I am obsessing over that shoe setup you have! I'm getting ready to move & am losing closet space, so I'm thinking this will really help my situation. Thanks for sharing babe! x Nicole | www.changeanddress.com

  4. OH I am so bad at using my dustbags! I love how you made the shoe rack wrap around the bottom instead of stacking tall.

    Annie // Annie N Belle

  5. That shoe rack fits so many shoes! I need to find a new shoe rack, but so many of them out there hardly fit any shoes, which seems so pointless!

  6. Velvet hangers. YES. I just discovered these ($8 for a box of 35 at Costco!) and they have changed my closet! It's so much more organized now as I can fit more and my clothes don't slip off anymore!!

    xo Ashley

  7. I need to invest in a good shoe rack with all I've accumulated lately!

  8. Ok, can I just say that I LOVE your shoe collection?! I am a heel fanatic and you've got just about every shade I need. I want those Louboutins!!

  9. I participated in the After Party Sale as well! Your closet is so neat!

  10. Love this! I'm so bad about keeping things organized!

  11. That rug is adorable, and your Loubs are GORGEOUS! I use those velvet hangers, as well. I have the hot pink, because when I was living at home, my mom used them to color code our laundry! Haha.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  12. Omg soooo cute! Love what you've done with your closet.

    xo // www.thematerialgirl.co

  13. I am super jealous of your shoe rack! I need to get myself one of those!

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design

  14. Three walk-in closets? You can probably feel my jealous poring through the computer screen. And your shoes. THE SHOES! Omg!

  15. Wow! You have a great closet! I would give anything for that closet!


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