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Fri-YAY Cocktails: New Age

4:00:00 AM

I am so thankful that the weekend is finally here! It has been such a long week with some crazy moments. I decided for this installment of Fri-YAY cocktails, I'd keep it easy and share my favorite wine. It's so delish and refreshing…perfect for the weekend.

All you need is a lime and a couple ice cubes and a bottle of New Age! Most people don't know this about the Argentinian wine, but it is supposed to be poured in a rocks glass with ice cubes and limes. The crisp flavor of the white wine chilled with lime is so refreshing. I suggest it with a nice dinner and a date with Netflix!

See told you that was super easy! Enjoy my friends and cheers to the weekend! I thought we'd never make it!

Home Sweet Blogging,

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