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Yesterday, we gathered up all the basic library building blocks to make the library. Today, we take the library from boring to chic! Accessorizing is the most wonderful part to setting up a room and my personal favorite way to spice things up. For a perfectly put together library let's add artwork, comfy pillows, bar cart, and little odds and ends!

Artwork is such an important part of any room. One thing I despise is blank walls. It makes me feel like I'm going crazy, but with something to look at it makes the room a million times better. In my room, I hit up Hobby Lobby to find the perfect pieces of art. They have huge poster size pieces, small ones, and medium size ones. They literally have everything..if you didn't already know that! I found these most perfect posters to decorate the walls. Don't forget that 40% off coupon! You cannot shop there without that goodie! I framed them using frames I found at Walmart for a fantastic price! The posters I am drawn to are Art Deco-y and big city themes. You could put any combo of those in front of me and I would fall in love. The mail focal point of the room is the bookshelves, but that doesn't mean that the art can't play a major supporting role in the room!

We have the chairs, which are vital, now we need the adorable pillows. I am a massive fan of darling pillows even though half the time they end up thrown on the floor. But being honest, they make the room just a little bit even more put together. I always shop for pillows at Home Goods, little local boutiques, and from my mom's collection at home. I have a serious obsession with Inslee (a fantastic artist) and she did a collection with her friend Society Social. They made a Citrus Blossoms pillow which I am head over heels for. The whimsical feel and colors of the pattern make it extremely hard not to be happy around it. No matter what pillows you add to your library room, as long as they make you happy then you are on the right path!

I am known to be very traditional and classic when it comes to furnishing a room, as well as decorating it. I do have a wish list for things I want to add to polish off the room and thet is one Society Social Holloway Bar Cart of them! I have seen one of these beauties in NYC and I fell in love instantly. The quality is perfection and would love absolutely perfect with a crystal decanter filled with brandy, crystal old-fashioned glasses, and a classic set of coasters. The bar cart would look perfect empty, but having a full bar comes in handy during late night reading sesh.

To completely tie the room together, you need a few little odds and ends. These Owl book ends from Target are so iconic for a reading room and would be practical in holding up the books on the shelves. Or these whale book ends that totally scream Moby Dick. A few candle holders here and there add a perfect cozy feeling and a little light. I would add a basket full of blankets next to the chair so that you can curl up with a book and be warm at the same time. Blankets from Pottery Barn really hit the blanket game out of the park! I love the Porter throw and the Monogrammable throw, because they are not only homey but comfortable too. Don't forget to add a great side table and a lamp for holding the hot coco and reading.

After you're done adding the polishing touches to the Library, it will become the go-to room! A little decoration can go a long way and make the room perfect. Hopefully these ideas have sparked an interest in making a little library in your own homes. It doesn't have to be big, but it should be all you. Tomorrow we finish the Library with a fun cocktail Tyler and I have when we spend a lot of time reading!

Home Sweet Blogging,


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  1. LOVE your ideas! My post today was about decor, as well :)

  2. I totally agree with the tip about odds and ends pulling a room together. Without those little touches, it just doesn't feel complete! Love the glimpses of your library! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What fabulous inspiration! Love your blog design too :)

  4. The little Tiffany's box is so so cute!

  5. Such great ideas!
    I am seeing a bar cart in my future as well.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  6. Such cute ideas! Looks very homey :)

  7. I love the little Tiffany box! It's so adorable. I can't wait til I get to decorate a room for myself!
    xx, Lindsey

  8. I would absolutely love to have a little library room in my home - how cute is that tiffany box?!

    Pick Your Beau

  9. I just want to forget about work and everything on my to-do list and come spend an afternoon reading in your new library- haha!

    xoxo A

  10. Who says accessories are only for people?! Definitely in love with the look of that comfy chair and those pillows, mmm!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  11. Ooh, I really want to make a library room someday. So cute!!

    My Pop of Color

  12. I would loveeee a library in my house one day! It would be such a nice little place to escape to! You did a great job, I like your pillows (especially the patterned blue one!)

  13. These are awesome ideas. I really hope someday my house includes a cute little library, too!

    Coming Up Roses

  14. I would LOVE to have a whole room dedicated to books! I could read for days and days and never leave my comfy chair!

  15. I love decorating, and your ideas are so fun! I can't wait to have a room in my house that's purely for books. I definitely plan on having a library one day.

  16. I bet your home is absolutely darling! Maybe when I get a second bedroom I can turn it into a library :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  17. Decorating is so much fun!! Love your ideas

  18. Yay! I'm glad your library is coming together well.

  19. That chair looks like the comfiest thing! So glad your library is coming together.. it would be my favorite place to be in!

  20. I wish I had a full on library! I do have a little office nook in my bedroom, so I'll definitely use some of these tips in that space!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise


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