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Oh, The Places You'll Shop: Let's Paint!

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So we finally, and I really mean finally, reached the weekend and you know what time it is? Weekend home improvement projects time! What a better time to talk about the topic of paint than on a summer Saturday! I really only have two favorite places to shop paint, so let's hop to it. 

•Sherwin-Williams is the number one paint store. The color selections are vast and every store is a one-stop shop. You can buy all you need to paint in any store and of course you get paint. The options for bases are good and they have a variety for each type of place you want to paint. My favorite is the Cashmere collection, because it goes on smooth and looks flawless. My pro tip for my favorite paint store: join the e-club. They don't send many emails, but when they do they are fantastic discounts for really great paint. Also, if you aren't quite sure what you want, the store employees are very helpful and can offer good advice. My first stop is always Sherwin-Williams, but there is another store that is a close second. 

•Lowe's surprisingly enough has a really nice paint selection. With options like Valspar, HGTV, and Pantone you can't go wrong. I painted my living room with Valspar paint and it turned out fantastic.  I truly do love when painting is easy and the Valspar paint goes on really easily. We also choose to buy all our paint supplies here. They are a really good price and the prices are really hard to beat. If you don't want to hit Sherwin-Williams, then Lowe's will be the next best stop! 

Painting is such time consuming task, but it does make a house more into a home. With these two stores you are 100% set. Just make sure you grab that blue painter's tape, you don't want to have to go back and fix any errors. Next week, we start a new set of blogs and I personally cannot wait! Hope you now have an arsenal of stores to shop for all things home related. I know I could go on and on forever trying to list all my favorite stores! 

Home Sweet Blogging, 

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