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Sooner Born & Sooner Bred

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What a fun weekend! I am so sad it's Monday and I'm back at work. Tyler and I had such a whirlwind weekend that included a trip to Knoxville to cheer on my Sooners! Since my hubby is from Knoxville, it was fun to head back to his home turf and finally visit Neyland Stadium! 

Y'all, I am a huge fan of fashion and dressing up for a football game. It's a perfect occasion to show a great outfit and cheer on your team.  There was so many different outfits in a variety of oranges. I've never seen checkerboard overalls, but now I've seen enough to last me a couple years. I loved some of the girl's rompers, sorority buttons, and of course the classic football staple, cowboy boots. There were a lot of similarities with the people in Norman, but there were a lot of differences.

I enjoyed talking with Vols and seeing all their really incredible traditions. The Vol Walk was so cool and the Pride was a wonderful band! I am very impressed with how lovely the checkerboard turned out and the amount of people who showed up to support! It made me miss watching games at the Gaylord Memorial Stadium with thousands of other Sooner fans. Even though I was strongly outnumbered, I still sang Boomer Sooner along with our own band and cheered those boys like I was in Norman. I'm not quite sure the Vols fans around me loved my enthusiasm, but we all have something in common, a love for out teams. 

My hubby did a great job making a weekend into an incredible experience. His grandmother told me as we were leaving for the game, "You have to wear orange, you just must!" I wish I could say I listened to her, but I sported my crimson all night long! All in all, what a weekend for memories. This week is FULL of all sorts of chores, so the quicker we can get the week going, the better off I'll be! 

Home Sweet Blogging, 

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