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Stores I'm in Love with Right Now: Pottery Barn

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I am a massive, massive, shopper. I love to shop clothes and shoes, but my favorite things to shop are most certainly home things. There's so many options and so many pretty pieces it's hard to pick sometimes. I thought it'd be fun to start a series on stores and their products that I am loving right now. Today, I'm featuring a classic, Pottery Barn!

Chenille Basketweave Throw // Y'all, when I tell you this throw is incredibly soft, I truly mean it. I just bought one myself in Marine to match my bedspread and it's everything I wanted it to be! The pattern is so subtle and gorgeous. It's super cozy and best of all doesn't shed all over your clothes. Whenever I lay on the couch it's hard to get up, because of how soft it is. This throw is PERFECT for a lazy night at home by the fireplace drinking hot coco. I cannot wait for Fall! Bonus: it's less than $30!

Linen Pillow Cover // I have been getting my office area ready to go and I knew I had to have a monogrammed pillow for my chair. I found this gorgeous french blue pillow with a navy trim for my chair. I put my monogram on the pillow for two reasons. 1) I LOVE monograms and 2) it's too plain without it! I just ordered it so I really cannot wait to see it! The monogram is different than the vine type I normally do. The font is too adorable and will look fantastic! Will share when I get it in my house! Bonus: it's only $25!

Pumpkin Wine Glass // If there was anything Fall-y that I needed more of, it would be pumpkin wine glasses. They are too cute and actually resemble a pumpkin! The glass is very nice and they look super chic on the table. Not only are they made in wine glasses, but they come in low balls too! Pumpkin wine glasses will be the star of my Thanksgiving table this year! (PS…I'm HOSTING) Let's get October here already! I cannot stand not using them until then! Bonus: they are $10!

Velvet Channel Quilt // All home magazines claim that it's important to have a duvet cover and coverlet quilt underneath. It's the making of a perfect bed. When I was registering for my wedding, I found this beautiful velvet quilt. It's insanely soft and comes in the most magnificent colors. The quilt is pretty expensive, but well worth it. It's the perfect amount of warmth for the cold winter months and can be used time and time again. Bonus: it's on sale!

Pottery Barn is one of those places that everything is beautiful and everything is fabulous quality. I shopped there this weekend and I brought home a lot of new things! I will start sharing home stores I'm currently loving every month, so we can all fall in love with the best home stores.

Home Sweet Blogging,

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  1. All of these speak to me! I love the pumpkin wine glass! Also I love the velvet chanel quilt! Saving this for my apartment later on :)

  2. I love, love, love pottery barn! Their seasonal pillow covers are to die for! I seriously use their magazine as decorating inspiration!

  3. The pumpkin wine glasses make me so excited for Halloween (and anxious to throw a Halloween party)!

  4. I love home shopping as well -- to be honest I just love shopping in general.
    Great picks!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  5. This post made me think of that Friend's episode where Rachel decorates her and Pheobe's apartment in only Pottery Barn but tells Phoebe it was all bought at a flee market!! IF you haven't seen it you should because its hysterical!

    Annie // Annie N Belle

  6. I have a weakness for Pottery Barn too, to bad I don't have a place to decorate right now.

  7. Okay, looks like I need some new wine glasses.

  8. Love this and love fun wine glasses!

  9. Love love love Pottery Barn! One of my favorite places to shop (especially since I moved into my new apartment)!

    x Sarah

  10. Pottery barn is awesome, although I am not familiar with the others, lol...will certainly check them out

  11. Love all these picks and especially that pumpkin wine glass too much!

  12. I love pottery barn! Pretty much my whole dorm room was decorated with PBTeen and Target stuff!

    How 2 Wear It []

  13. PB is my all time favorite for home decor! I grew up with PB... Started with PB Kids, then PB teens at home and my dorm. Now with my apartment I am branching into PB. They have great stuff. "I get it from my Momma"

    xoxo Dani

  14. I share your Pottery Barn obsession! That is such a good deal on those throws! I have so many of them because I'm always cold, but one more couldn't hurt ;)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  15. I live within walking distance of a Pottery Barn, it's so bad for my bank account! Love that pumpkin wine glass!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  16. I love Pottery Barn! Pottery Barn Teen also has some great furniture!

  17. Yeah, that pumpkin wine glass is about to hit my cabinet.

    Coming Up Roses


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