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Fri-YAY Cocktails

4:00:00 AM

I can hardly believe it's Friday, but holy cannoli I am sooo thankful! I really need some relaxing time after the long week I had. I'm not going to lie, instead of doing a cocktail today, I am just going to pop open a bottle of wine and have a glass. So, I have linked my favorite cocktails for you to enjoy this weekend!

A DELISH October cocktail : Cozy Cocktail
Champagne Spritzer : Pop, Fizz, Clink! 
My take on a Margarita : Spritearita
My wine of choice : New Age 
Lemonade Mixer : Vodka-Ade

Hope you all have such a wonderful weekend! I am so excited about next week's content I can hardly stand it! See you all next week!


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