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Halloween Candy Bowls

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Halloween is fast approaching and I am super excited! One of the most important thing people who pass out treats to the children of the neighborhood need is a fabulous candy bucket. It's often overlooked, but don't worry! I have compiled a list of the BEST candy buckets the world has to offer!

Carved Pumpkin // Let's first admire the beauty of this bucket. I love the playfulness of the pumpkins and the contrast from the background! Also, love the adorable saying Trick or Treat on the back of the bucket! SOO pretty! Plus it does double duty and can be used as a serving bowl. What is more perfect than a stunning bowl that can double team as a candy bowl or a serving bowl?!

Classic Pumpkin // There is something I love about holidays and it's how they can be interpreted in so many different ways. You can choose to go traditional and classic or modern and new! Whatever you want to do, do it! This classic orange pumpkin bucket screams Halloween and really is quite adorable. It's versatile and can be used year after year. The quality is really spectacular as well. It also looks adorable in Halloween decor!

Witch's Cauldron // A cute and fun way to pass out candy is using a cauldron! It's a little on the spooky side of things, but still absolutely darling! The black is super chic and really looks incredible with colorful candy inside. I like this one, because it's a little bit more modern, but still on the classic side. Let's be real, I just love any cute black witches cauldron.

Southern Bucket  // Now this is a perfect Halloween bucket! I am totally in love with a perfect little Southern favorite so this is perfect! Not only is this the a wonderfully decorated bucket, it features adorable calligraphy! It's not necessarily a classic choice, but sweeter than southern sweet tea with lemon!

Spider Bowl // This adorably scary candy bowl is almost too cute not to have. I hate spiders...but I would consider this one in particular! I love how the bowl looks like an art piece in itself. It would be perfect propped next to the front door for easy grabbing when the door bell rings! Best thing about it, it's super cheap! Under $10 cheap! Also, you can bring this out at the beginning of Halloween and use it as part of the decorations!

Victorian bowl // For those of you not necessarily keen on the idea of over the top Halloween decor, this is the bowl for you! It's understated, but classic orange and black colors. I love the pattern and the effortlessness of the bowl, Such a great choice for an understated beautiful bowl!

Which one is ya'll's favorite?? I think the Carved Pumpkin one and the Classic Pumpkin are tied for my favorite!

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  1. Ohh I love that top one! It's the perfect balance of mature and fun!

    Sara Kate Styling


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