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Pray for Paris

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This weekend has really been a hard one for me. The events that unfolded in Paris on Friday really broke my heart. I have studied France for years.  I speak fluent French and I'm absolutely in love with Paris. In fact, I visited Paris three years ago this weekend. I can hardly stop thinking about this. How could anyone cause such terror in a city that is built on love and light? Anyways, as I have been praying for Paris, I wanted to share my love for the most magnificent city in the world.

These pictures bring my back to an amazing trip I took to a city where I instantly fell in love. I adored my time here and I will keep praying for Paris and the world. 

J'adore Paris. 

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  1. This whole ordeal is such a tragedy.
    I feel for everyone involved and their families.
    I can't believe that people could be so cruel and hateful.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. I had no idea that you spoke fluent French! That is so cool.
    I also studied abroad in France- this summer! (I ironically never made it to Paris minus the airport though despite being there a month!) Sadly I am not fluent in French though, haha.

    It is so sad to think about this type of a tragedy happening in such a beautiful country like France!

    xoxo A

  3. My heart breaks for Paris. Though I have never been to the city, I truly adore it and hope to visit one day. People can truly be evil, but glad there are people like you to uplift and spread positivity! Love these pictures.

  4. I studied French for years back in grade school and am absolutely in love with the country - I was so saddened to hear about everything going on right now. I'm also so inspired to hear the stories of survivors and see the outpour of love and emotion coming from all across the world.

    Pick Your Beau

  5. The events this weekend really break my heart. Thank you for sharing a bit of positive energy and light in such a dark time.

  6. Wow I can't imagine being so close to France as you are, it was hard enough for those of us who have never been <3

  7. So great that you're fluent in another language. This whole thing is so heartbreaking. x Nicole |

  8. I completely understand how you feel. It is so hard to imagine why someone would do all of this.

    Sara Kate Styling

  9. Prayers to everyone who was affected in all of the attacks, all of the globe, this past weekend!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. It's so sad that people in this world feel the need to cause harm to others, I pray that one day the world finds peace!
    with southern grace,

  11. Such heartbreaking news hearing what happened in Paris, and more importantly what's happening all throughout the world! Beirut.. Baghdad.. Paris.. these are terrifying times and it's breaks my heart to know that there are people in this world who are capable of committing these crimes! Praying not only for Paris, but for our whole world right now.

  12. What beautiful photos. I have been thinking about it nonstop and am praying so much for Paris and for our world. It's a scary world we live in but we have to have faith.
    Lauren Ashley

  13. Love this tribute, it is mind blowing what has been going on lately.

  14. Such gorgeous photos. Paris has been on my mind non-stop since Friday. Sending so much love and prayer to Paris.

    xo Ashley

  15. Everything that happened in Paris is so tragic. I'm praying for Paris.

  16. These photographs are beautiful. Everything that is happening in not only Paris but other places such as Syria is so heartbreaking. I'm praying for these places experiencing such tragedy right now and praying that we all find peace.

  17. What gorgeous photos! It makes me sad that the world has been filled with so much tragedy and unrest lately.

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  18. I've been completely devastated by the entire situation. I've been sitting watching the news crying my eyes out everyday. I love that you're celebrating the beauty of Paris with your post! It will return to love and light soon, I hope!

  19. This is a gorgeous place, and I won't soon forget it. Attended an event here sponsored by the company. The reception hour at event space San Francisco was held in one of the rooms next to the hall. I loved their buttery mashed sweet potato.


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