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Christmas & Traditions

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One thing that really makes this time of year for me is the traditions. I get to go home to Dallas this year and I am so beyond excited. Last year was my first Christmas away from my family, but it was a chance to be a part of my husband's traditions and to create our own! I loved spending Christmas with his family, because they treat me like their own daughter/family member. Not going to lie though, I can't wait to wake up in my house, with my family, in my hometown!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite Christmas traditions, because it's a great way to share your heart and soul.

My Family Christmas traditions start on Christmas Eve. We all go over to my uncle's house and have baked ziti. Never anything different and I wouldn't have it any other way! It's so much fun! We then go to midnight candlelight mass. There are few moments that take my breath away, but when all the candles are light in the sanctuary, it's spectacular. Truly. We then go home and go to sleep and wake up on Christmas! My brother and I head over to my grandparent's house. My grandmother serves a fabulous brunch and the most amazing punch! I know that sounds weird, but I love her punch! We all open presents and just enjoy spending time together as a big family! After presents, we head back home to open presents with my family. My mom serves a yummy Coffee Cake and it's something I crave every year. Christmas dinner is so delicious and worth every fun memory and laugh! I adore the simplicity of my family's Christmas traditions. It is so us and really makes for an amazing holiday!

Last year, Tyler and I had the opportunity to create new Christmas traditions as a married couple. Since I was new to Nashville and trying to come to terms that I was not going home on Christmas, Tyler worked hard to make sure it was memorable. On our first date in Nashville, he took me the Gaylord Opryland Hotel to walk around the outstanding gardens. So we went to the gardens again and strolled around. The gardens were decked out in the prettiest Christmas lights I've ever seen. We ate an incredible dinner, had a delicious gelato, and spent quality time together as a young married couple. This year, we repeated the tradition and it was the same amazing time as always. I love this tradition we have and I look forward to continuing it forever!

Christmas this year really is so exciting. I love family and I can't wait to see mine soon!

Do you have any special Christmas traditions? 

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  1. I am so beyond excited for you! I hope your Christmas and time with family is wonderful as you are. I truly enjoy reading your blog keep up the great writings. Merry Christmas Nicole!

  2. Traditions are the best. It sounds like you have a wonderful week ahead of you!

    Sara Kate Styling


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