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Shops I'm Totally Crushing On

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Up until this point, I think it's pretty clear I loooove to shop. I like to shop home things, clothes, shoes, office supplies, everything! I've been eyeing the different shops lately and wanted to share the things I'm totally crushing on!

Anthropologie // This store is always awesome, but recently I can't tear myself away from all of the things there! I love the home goods here. Everything is like a piece of art. I just bought a darling N initial necklace in gold and it's so perfectly perfect! It's a fun way to mix up a monogram. Here are some of my favorite things I'm crushing on from Anthro! 

Kendra Scott // After a lovely KS Christmas, I am an even bigger sucker for a good pair of Kendra Scott earrings! Her new spring line dropped today and it's beyond incredible. She features dreamy hues and perfectly chic ideas for Spring. The way I see it, the spring line reminds me of mermaids and who doesn't want that!? My crushes at KS are such fun colors and honestly I want them all!

Nordstrom // I have and will always be a Nordstrom girl, but my favorite department is the shoes. There are far too many options. I totally blame Nordstrom for my shoe addiction! I am totally dying over funky shoes right now. I love the idea of an unexpected piece to the shoe. Like a different color than I normally wear or even fringe! Something to keep it fun and exciting!

Kate Spade Home // Kate Spade is already perfect, but their all the home pieces are even more perfect. I love the colors, the designs, and the fun vibe from them! I am dreaming of buying the little blush table lamps for my office at home. I love how girly it all is and that everything is affordable. Also, love that she uses a lot of blue and white, because that's my absolute favorite color combo!

What stores are you crushing on lately? 

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  1. I am loving Anthro and Kate Spade Home. I'd rather spend money and home decor than clothing because I get to see it and use it every single day.

  2. Anthro is so cute! I haven't ever shopped there, but I need ring dishes (my fiance is a little nervous that I always forget where I took my ring off). Kate spade home is so cute as well!
    Shoes are my fav as well.. and I'm attempting not to buy a bunch!

  3. How cute is that paperclip holder! So adorable!

  4. Omg, I couldn't agree more about KS's spring line reminding me of cute mermaids! You are so right! It's my birthday month, so I may have to pop in there and use my 50% off on the new line! I too am loving the Kate Spade home line! We're moving this weekend and I'm just waiting till we get settled to get my hands on some of the awesome pieces!

  5. Yesssss to all of these! I've just now really started getting into anthro & I LOVE it!

  6. These tassels are everything!! I love that bag from Anthropologie! Definitely need it for resort season.

    Sara Kate Styling

  7. I love all things Anthropolgie. I need to get new bedding soon and I am obsessing over the comforters.

  8. I have all 3 of your picks from Anthro-- and I'm obsessed! Such adorable little baubles!

    Diary of a Debutante

  9. I love everything Kate Spade home. I wish I could afford more!

  10. I love all of these places, especially Nordstrom- they have a mix of everything!

    Amanda ||

  11. I absolutely adore all of these stores, but my favorite is finding these brands at places like TJMaxx or Home Goods! But I will say, however, when Kate Spade launched the home collection, I was swooning for days! Now, if only I could justify spending $3,000 on an armchair to the husband.... ;)

    XO, Oksana from

  12. I could spend so much money at ALL of these stores!

  13. Love, love, love those red fringe heels!

    1. Same here! Hoping to wear these for Valentine's Day!


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