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#Wedding Wednesday: What to do with Your Dress

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Since I'm a huge (and I mean huge) wedding enthusiast, one of the biggest things I pondered on was what to do with my wedding dress after the wedding. You spend all this money on the most gorgeous dress of your entire life and then what? Do you preserve it and throw it in the back of the closet? Do you donate it or turn it into another garment? There are so many options out there and I've set up the pros and cons for each!

Preserving the Dress: This is one of the most popular ways to save the dress. It is a special type of cleaning that helps keep the dress in original form for years. The preserving process takes out stains that were accumulated from the best night of your life. Normally this is done through a bridal shop or dry cleaner, but there are ways to do it at home. After it is all cleaned and restored, it is put into a box. This is my biggest con with the whole process, because the dress is in a box and is not going to see the light of day for years. The whole preservation is a little on the pricey side. You don't want to pay someone a cheaper price for a bad job..that would be horrible! So pros: it keeps the dress for years to come in good condition, cons: it's put away in a box and not visible.

Donating the Dress: There are so many options out there that will gladly take a wedding dress. Some will just re-sell it and others will turn them into something else. The most popular charity to donate to is called The Angel Gown Program  This charity turns wedding dresses into burial gowns for infants who passed away in the hospital. It's such a touching thing to do after the wedding if you don't want to keep the dress. Just a head's up if you go this route, the dress needs to be cleaned before being donated! You can also send your dress to Brides Across America. This charity supports women in the armed forces who may not be able to go personally and get a dress. What a cool way to support our troops!  Head's up: dresses have to be less than 5 years old! You can always send your dress to a re-sell shop like Adorned in Grace, This shop sells the dresses and then sends the proceeds to raise awareness and prevention of human trafficking. There are so many neat options out there to donate the wedding dress to. Only con though is you won't get to pull the dress out of the closet when the mood strikes. 

Altering the Dress: Another popular pick for people after the wedding is turning the wedding dress into something else. Think a quilt, another dress, a baby blanket, etc. The list is really endless are there are so many shops out there that can help with this endeavor. It would be kind of cool to have it re-imagined into something totally different. I really like the idea of a baby blanket, because I love sentimental items that are passed along! A possible con is you cannot restore the dress to its former dress glory. Once it's a blanket, it's forever a blanket. 

Displaying the Dress: This is the option that I chose to do. I was so in love with my wedding dress that I had to put it on display. I bought a dress form from Hobby Lobby and put my gown on it. I had to use some clips to keep it tight against the form, but those are super cheap at a grocery store or hardware store. I have the veil displayed as well on the form. I have the pleasure of seeing the dress all the time and every time I see it, it brings me such joy. There are other ways to display it like in a shadow box on the wall or glass box in general. I do not regret my decision at all and it's just a really fun way to have a really amazing memory in my daily path. 

Wedding dresses are one of the most beautiful parts of any wedding and the debacle of what to do after the wedding is tough! I hope this list helps in figuring out the best option for you! 

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