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Winter Dates

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Winter is one of those tricky seasons. The weather is cold, the sky is normally dreary, and the season is kind of boring. I found in my previous relationships, we weren't as joyful in the winter time. I blame that partly on the blah aura of winter. I also figured it was because we didn't do as many fun things we did in the other seasons. So,  I compiled a list of my favorite winter date ideas to help liven up the dreary winter months!

Coffee Shop Hop: My husband and I live in Nashville where there are a plethora of fun, cutesy, coffee shops. One date idea is to "hop" around to a bunch of different coffee shops. Kinda like a bar crawl, but way more fun! When you get to each shop, the goal is to try a different signature drink at each shop. Those are normally the best drinks on the menu so give them a go! Also, make sure to document each shop and coffee ordered. Makes for fun memories later on!

Ice Skating: This one is a staple for winter time. I took a few ice skating lessons when I was younger, so I adore getting out on the ice and gliding around. It's so much fun to do with your significant other. My way to make it even more fun, grab a thermos and fill it with hot coco. When you're needing a skating break, the warmth from the coco with really help. Also, pack along a blanket, so you can bundle up and watch all the people fall down...I mean skate.

Bonfire and S'mores: When the temperatures are chilly, a warm fire is a total must. If it isn't possible to make a bonfire outside, then find a fireplace! There is something romantic about sitting by the fire and enjoying the warmth. No matter if you're inside or outside, grab some pillows and blankets! It helps set the tone for a romantic evening. Make sure to have a some big ole marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers! A s'more is the perfect addition to any fireside date night!

Bourbon Tasting: From experience, nothing will warm you up quicker than a good strong bourbon. A fun and different winter date could be doing a bourbon tasting. There are so many fun things to learn on a tour of the distillery and the tasting is always really fun! The air may be cold, but boy that bourbon provides some serious heat. Make sure to grab a bourbon ball as a post-tasting treat. It helps take away some of the burn from the liquor and is just really delicious! If you can't get to a distillery, try a few different bourbons at home or do a wine tasting! No matter what you drink, the alcohol will warm you up on a cold winter day.

Hope you enjoy some of my favorite date nights! I really like to keep it exciting during the winter, because it's so easy to slip into a boring rut! I'm actually going to try out the coffee shop hop this weekend!

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  1. Bonfire and Smores is always a favorite in our family (:

  2. Love these ideas! My boyfriend and I love getting coffee together.

  3. I never thought to do a bourbon testing as a date, but it sounds SO fun!


  4. I would love to go to a bonfire this winter :)
    Such a fun activity.

    xoxo, Jenny

  5. These are such romantic ideas!

  6. These are some great ideas. I love the coffee shop hopping. I love coffee shops... I wish we had colder weather in Miami for all of these things!

  7. An ice skating date would be too much fun!! (I grew up as a competitive figure skater so I would especially love that one ;-) )

    Happy winter!

    xoxo A

  8. Such cute ideas! I haven't been ice skating in forever, and am always on the hunt for cute new coffee shops <3

    Green Fashionista

  9. Aww these are such cute date ideas! I would love to go ice skating with someone special. The perfect excuse to get close when I'm *accidentally* lose my balance lol.

    xo Alexis

  10. I love skating! I just went pond skating the other day in the snow and it was magical!

  11. Even though it hasn't been too cold in South Carolina this winter, I will have to hang onto these ideas!

    Brittany | Southern Soul

  12. I love the idea of a Bourbon tasting date! My boyfriend and I went to a wine tasting fundraiser once, and it was an absolute blast!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  13. Okay, I think the coffee shop hop is the cutest thing I've ever heard!

    How 2 Wear It []

  14. I loveee the idea of a coffee hop shop, my man would opt for the hot chocolate, but I'd be all hopped up on caffeine by the end :)


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