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Crafty Cards

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I am such a sucker for a good card, but when it's creative it's a million times better! Warning: the post ahead is rather cheesy! I promise though it's super cute and fun! 

I've got a Crush on You! 
  • How to: Grab a bottle of Orange Crush (or whatever flavor suits your fancy) and write a little card that says "I've got a CRUSH on you!" Tie it around the bottle with cute little ribbon to tie the look together! 
Match made in Heaven!
  • How to: Go the the store and grab your favorite matchbox car. They are normally 99 cents a piece, so a cute and cheap present! Attach the car to a card stock paper using cute washi tape or tie the saying to a little a card. Voila! Super cute
I've got my Eyes on You! 
  • How to: Grab a colored piece of card stock paper and hot glue big googly eyes on it. Calligraphy or handwrite the saying on the bottom and decorate! Go with fun washi tape or color little hearts all over it! 
You make my Heart Pop! 
  • How to: Take a pack of bubble gum (Hubba Bubba would be appropriate *wink wink*) and create a little sticker with the saying. Use fun fonts and adorable colors to help jazz up the card!  
You Rule! 
  • How to: All you'll need is a ruler and a really cute card. Grab a classic ruler or a fun colored plastic one we all loved in elementary school and tie a little card through one of the loops. Make sure to decorate the card with cute writing and fun colors! 
You Light up my Life! 
  • How to: fold a piece of white card stock in half horizontally. Take 3-4 birthday candles and hot glue to the center of the card. Draw a little heart above each candle to look like a flame. Write the saying underneath the candles.
Hope these help inspire you to have some fun with a crafty Valentine's Day cards! If you've made one, what is your cutesy saying? 

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  1. Love this idea and that print is so cute! A handmade card always has such a value!

  2. Such cute ideas. I love the "I Got a Crush on You!"

  3. These are the cutest little card ideas - definitely making my boyf one. x Nicole |

  4. These are such cute and darling ideas!

  5. These ideas are so sweet and fun. I love Valentine's day, it's a great excuse for all the sweetness!

  6. I've always loved these sweet ideas since I was little. It never ceases to amaze me how they get more and more clever each year.

  7. I might steal the "I've got a crush on you" idea for my gal pals!

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  8. Really cute ideas!

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  9. These are so cute! Such great original ideas!

  10. These are such cute ideas! For my roommates I got Burts Bee chapstick and I'm going to say "Bee My Valentine" :)


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