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101 in 1001

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 I realized yesterday that I have never actually written out all the 101 things in 1001 days list! I want to have a sense of accountability, so I wanted to write these out! I am excited to continue my journey with my list! Here goes nothing! 

PS: Since I started back in July, some of my list items really don't apply anymore or aren't quite possible! So I'll put those in italics so it's obvious! 

Started July 7, 2015
Ends April 7, 2018
{10 completed, 91 to go } 

1. Move to Texas

2. Work at a University

3. Be a Study Abroad Advisor 

4. Move to a Downtown apartment

5. Live in Austin or Dallas 

6. Live Downtown 

7. Be truly happy

8. Quit being so negative

9. Let go of things that do not matter

10. Delete negative people on Facebook

11. Stop worrying so much 

12. Be neater

13. Stop overthinking everything 

14. Stand up for myself

15. Be more organized

16. Be inspired

17. Be calm 

18. Stop being hurt over being left out

19. Be positive 

20. Learn to love myself

21. Give Tyler more love and attention 

22. Make him smile everyday 

23. Do the chore together

24. Tell Tyler I love him everyday

25. Tell Tyler why I love him everyday 

26. Do more little things to show I care

27. Throw Tyler a birthday party

28. Go on more dates 

29. See my mom get married

30. Watch Weston graduate 

31. Watch Weston get his White Coat

32. Tell my family I love them

33. Show my family I love them

34. Travel to Sweden 

35. Travel to the Caribbean or Bahamas (October 2015) 

36. Travel to Mexico 

37. Go on a Cruise (October 2015) 

38. Travel to the United Kingdom

39. Go back to NYC

40. Take a Staycation 

41. Travel to Boston

42. Visit the Biltmore

43. Eat Mexican food on the Riverwalk 

44. Travel to Disney World

45. Visit Ireland

46. Travel to Scotland 

47. Go to a festival 

48. Go to flea markets in another state

49. Celebrate Christmas in Dallas (December 2015

50. Have more dinner parties 

51. Make seasonal wreaths 

52. Have a beautifully decorated home

53. Send out Christmas Cards  (December 2015)

54. Join Junior League

55. Brush up on my French

56. Get another dog (January 2016) *His name is Bailey!*

57. Make yearly photo books 

58. Run at least 2 half marathons

59. Go to a gala

60. Find a hobby 

61. Give up Coke for good

62. Try at least 20 Nashville restaurants 

63. See a country concert

64. Keep an agenda

65. Take a calligraphy class (December 2015) 

66. Learn to wrap presents

67. Get a tattoo

68. Host a family holiday (November 2015) 

69. Eat more shrimp

70. Go to more local events (August 2015) 

71. See a One Direction concert

72. Get a Harvard sweatshirt 

73. Go one month without take-out

74. Go shopping only in stores

75. Spend more time outside

76. Go to a friend's wedding

77. Be a bridesmaid

78. Send letters to friends 

79. Volunteer with Junior Achievement (October 2015) 

80. Throw a murder mystery dinner

81. Shop at a farmer's market

82. Dance in the rain 

83. Create an app

84. Do a wine tasting (July 2015)  

85. Have professional photos done

86. Take classes at a community college 

87. Have a successful book club

88. Re-start my home blog (July 2015) 

89. Have a successful Instagram for the blog

90. Be featured in a magazine 

91. Be featured on a popular blog

92. Lose the weight I want to lose

93. Keep off the weight

94. Reach my goal weight

95. Have at least 2 perfect fitting bras 

96. Find and stick to a workout routine 

97. Do yoga once a week 

98. Have a nightly beauty routine 

99. Wear cute pjs to bed

100. Give away clothes I don't wear or want

101. Re-vamp my wardrobe 

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  1. Maybe this would be a good newlywed thing for me to start...great list, Nicole!
    xoxo, www.piperellice.com

    1. You totally should! It's been an absolute blast knocking them off!! Let me know if you make a list! I'd love to read it!

  2. Replies
    1. It has been an absolute blast so far! I have a long way to go, but that's half the fun!


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