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Fun with Hask: Product Review

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One of the things I love the most about myself is my hair. It's always been one of my favorite things. Since I love my hair so much, I make sure to take extra good care of it. I'm guilty of trying a million different products out there and never being able to settle on one thing for too long. Alas, I found my favorite products that really treat my hair as good as I do. I introduce to you, the Hask Mint Almond Oil line!

My hair has always been pretty thick, but this shampoo, conditioner, and spray work wonders on my hair. I don't want to lose my thickness as I grow older and these products have really done a good number on my hair during the past week! I truly notice a difference when I'm brushing through it before bed. My hair feels thicker, healthier, and happier! I am hard on my hair with coloring, brushing, styling, and heat from all the tools I love! I hate when my hair looks sad and recently it is looking a tad sad. Once I started using these, I noticed a big difference in the life of my hair. And I couldn't be happier about it!!

I'm extremely picky about my shampoos and conditioners. It has to smell good and stay smelling good in my hair all day! I absolutely adore the refreshing smell of the mint and almond together. It really livens up my sense of smell and makes for one heck of a good hair day! So that is most certainly one awesome perk of this line! Trust me, I wouldn't tell you it smelled good unless I approved and my husband agreed too!

Volume is essential to my everyday hair life. Hello, I'm from Texas! If my hair isn't voluminous, I shouldn't leave the house! Just kidding, but kind of not at the same time. When I use the spray after the shower, I really notice a natural volume in my hair. From trial and error, the best time to use this is when my hair is rather damp and then I blow dry my hair upside down. I get even more volume from doing this, even though I look ridiculous! Make sure to spray it at the roots, since it is a root thickening spray, and comb through the rest of your hair! Bonus, the spray smells delicious as well! Totally good hair day worthy!

Another little bonus about these products is the DARLING canvas bag they came in! Literally how cute is the saying on it! I am a biiiiggg fan of good packaging and Hask nailed it! I will most certainly be trying their other products, because I truly love these! They are totally fabulous!

                                   This post was sponsored by Hask through Brand Backer. The ideas and opinions in this post are my own,

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  1. Sounds like such a great product!

  2. Oh! I want to try that product. I need to get some new shampoo and conditioner soon.

  3. I'm constantly searching for something that will actually work with my hair. I seriously struggle finding a good product that won't dry out or gunk-up my hair! I've tried a few of the Hask products before and loved them, but I may just have to pick this line up soon! And the cute packaging is always a plus!

  4. Sounds like it's a great product!! I would love to try it out!

    xo Ashley

  5. Ohhhh mint sounds amazing!! I am going to have to look this up ASAP :)

  6. I have used Hask products before and really liked them.

  7. Great review! I actually didn't even know almond oil was a thing haha

    How 2 Wear It []

  8. Hask products are always great in my book. I love that they use so many different types of oils to help nourish our hair.

  9. These seem like great products. I definitely need to look into them!


  10. I'm pretty sure the first moroccan oil hair treatment I ever purchased was from HASK. Good memories! :) Haven't tried this Almond Oil version, though!

  11. I have heard so many great things about these products. Loved reading your review.


  12. I love HASK! I tried their products and fell in love. Great post!


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