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Four Adorable Baby Shower Themes

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I am so excited, because I finally was invited to my first baby shower! I have never had a friend who was pregnant, so when my husband's cousin announced she was pregnant, I was thrilled! She is due in June and her baby shower is this weekend! In honor of her adorable theme, I thought I would share some of the cutest themes I've come across. Let me be very honest, I do not want a baby for at least 4 more years, but I totally have a little case of baby fever! Everything is so darn cute for babies how could you not!!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star // This theme is so chic and adorable! I love the idea of having gold and cream colors as the main colors for a party. You could also include blues, pinks, or even black for the sky! Also, you can add a bit of gold glitter to really make the theme pop! Of course, little stars are essential to any star baby shower! After all, they are the star of the party! This theme is very easy to re-create and will totally wow all your guests. I'm all for a classic, chic, and girly theme!

You can get this darling topper at ModernBlooms Etsy shop. Photo cred Modern Blooms

Cute as a Button // This one goes without saying, but it's bound to be adorable! Babies are obviously cute as a button, so this theme is perfect! You can use lots of fun colors or pastels! No matter what colors, make sure to incorporate buttons anywhere you can. I would have button cookies and little button pins that everyone can wear for games. This party is bound to be colorful and exciting for all your guests! 

Photo Cred Kara Party Ideas

Storybook // I think I love the idea of a storybook theme the best! The idea to have every guest bring their favorite children's book with a sweet note inside really makes me smile! All the food can be book related and the decorations can be books! Pretty simple and easy to put together. I would make sure to incorporate as many different books as possible to keep it as unique as the momma to be! If you need any inspiration, go visit the children's book section of Barnes & Noble! That will for sure help! 

Photo Cred Flickr

Circus // What a fun way to have a lot of fun for a party! The classic circus is the perfect theme for a baby! What kid doesn't love the circus? For this type of theme, you can go all out with crazy creativity. Colors are whatever you imagine and the animals are a must! Don't forget the ring leader! For this party, I would make the cake the star of the dessert table! I love the idea of a crazy chic party and any guest would have the best time at a circus shower! 

Photo cred Catch my Party

Which one of these themes are your favorite?? I can't possibly pick! 

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  1. The storybook theme is so cute! I nee to do this as a theme for a bay shower I have coming up for a friend! Xoxo Mindy

  2. Twinkle twinkle little star is such a cute theme!

  3. I'm not even close to having friends who will be pregnant, but I love baby showers! I'm dying over that circus cake, it's TOO CUTE!!


  4. That cake topper is insanely adorable!

  5. All of these are so clever and adorable! I love party planning.

  6. Oh I'm definitely bookmarking this! Two of my friends are pregnant right now!

  7. Oh, these are just adorable! I love when a shower has a unique theme! My personal favorite would be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; if nothing else, it'd give me the chance to use LOTS of gold glitter! :)

    XO, Oksana

  8. This is adorable! I can't handle how cute that circus cake is!!

  9. WOW that circus cake is awesome!! But I think my favorite theme is storybook!

    How 2 Wear It []

  10. I would have never thought to do circus as a baby shower theme- I love it! We hosted my cousin's baby shower and had a ducky theme, It was so cute, and super easy to execute!

  11. Oh I love this! I might need this soon ;) (NOT for me!)
    The Fashionista's Diary

  12. These are all so cute! That circus cake is absolutely amazing!


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