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It's my favorite post of the month, because I get to share the products I am totally drooling over! Shopping is so much fun and there is always something fantastic out there to look at! Since spring is here and summer is up next, I put together my favorite things for the season and of course some staple items too!

Tory Burch // Classic items and great colors are what draws me to Tory. I can't get enough of the blush pinks and golds. Good news about these, they will last season after season! Plus, those tortoise sunglasses? Absolutely yes!

Rebecca Minkoff // Bright colors, fun zipper details, and leather are what makes this brand perfect. I really love the bright pink and yellows from some of the picks I love. I think the zipper detail is really perfect and adds a nice little edge to any bag. 

Nordstrom // Floral dresses are totally hot right now and I'm totally into it as well. I have a gala next weekend and wedding in June so a floral dress is so perfect. I'm also a totally sucker for a good pink floral pattern or the classic blue and white. 

Ray-Ban // Hands down, Ray-Ban is my favorite sunglasses. I have pairs that I have had for years and they still are perfect. The colors and the styles are so classic, they never go out of style. You can literally wear all of them every season! Score! 

Urban Outfitters // I think Urban Outfitters is such an underrated home decor hot spot. They have unique items and very modern ones too. I love all the geometric shaped lamps and literally anything in a metallic color! Check out the fun colors as well, those really make a home more vibrant and spring ready! 

Let's get shopping! 

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  1. I'm always obsessed with Tory Burch, those tortoise sunglasses and the blush bag are gorgeous!

  2. You know all my weaknesses when it comes to shopping, haha! I love Tory Burch (my wallet doesn't though) and rebecca minkoff!


  3. I am loving the Tory Burch Sunnies!

  4. I bought a Tory Burch bag at the end of last summer and I love it! I've also had my Ray Ban sunglasses for almost 5 years now. They are so great!

    Kayla |

  5. You always have the best picks. These are great!

  6. I adore everything Rebecca Minkoff. I just wish I could afford it!

  7. I love your shop with me posts! I also love that Rebecca Minkoff envelop clutch and I'm with you on Ray Bans being the best! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  8. Tory Burch has grown to be one of my favorite brands! She designs such classic, timeless pieces.

  9. I love all of your picks! I just snagged a super cute Rebecca Minkoff bag and I am so in love with it!

  10. I always have the best intentions about updating my purse collection with something bright and colorful but ALWAYS, ALWAYS gravitate back towards neutrals. Maybe this'll be the year I finally venture out of my black/gray/white palette... Ha!

  11. Yes!! To all of this. These really are the best brands. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Sara Kate Styling


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