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5 Bar Cart Essentials

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I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and had a happy Mother's Day! My momma is in town, which is totally beyond exciting to me! After a fun weekend and lots of delicious cocktails, I thought it was only fair to let you in on a little secret. I love my bar. Our house is always stocked and always has something cute and adorable on it. Wether it's my husband's favorite bourbon or a candy dish, a bar cart/table/chest is such a fun element to a house!

Other than alcohol, here are my top 5 Bar Cart Essentials:

Candy Dish // My husband is such a sweet goofball. He loves and adores "old person candy" as I lovingly call it. Butterscotch disks and taffy are on our bar. We found a beautiful glass bowl at the local flea market and have it constantly filled with candies to snack on. So a pro tip from my hubby... always have a candy dish with your favorite candies!

Bottle Opener, Ice Bucket & Corkscrew // These are a given of course, but must be said! Go for cute ones rather than basic old ones! I found the cutest ones over at Pottery Barn and even Target. Having little fun pieces on your bar really add to the personality of your home! These are the smallest and easiest way to get your personal style out on the bar.

Bar Towel // A small and fun way to elevate the bar is to add a fun towel! A towel can also be important for clean up and overall cleanliness on the bar. The towels also are another way to add a bit of personal spunk to set yours apart from others! I always, and I really mean always, buy my adorable towels at Sur La Table. They have the absolute best selection of colors, prints, and styles!

Bar Art // I love art, but I think we all know that by now. Bar art is just a cute way to add flair and smiles to everyone who visits your bar. I love to include anything that makes a reference to alcohol, obviously, but it's just so fun! Another type of art you could incorporate is marquee lights and mirrors for an Art Deco flair. Pro tip: look online for free art prints! Who doesn't love free?!

Cocktail Napkins // Along with different types of booze, cocktail napkins are an absolute must! I always opt for hysterically funny ones, because who doesn't want a drink and a giggle! I love the ones from Design Darling for funny ones and Inslee citrus blossom ones! I like the linen napkins, because they are elegant and also durable for many parties! You can find cocktail napkins in any home goods store for a variety of prices. But no matter where you find them, have fun with the napkins!

Our bar always has Woodford Reserve and a different type of whiskey all the time. We love the classic flavors of these two types of alcohol! I hope this post inspires you to create your own bar area at home wherever you have a bit of space. Make sure to shop my absolute favorite picks for the bar area!

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