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Cinco de Mayo Party

8:56:00 AM

It's one of the most colorful and exciting days of the year! As someone who studied Mexico and is fluent in Spanish, I love Cinco de Mayo! I love the food, the colors, and the history behind the day. Everything is so celebratory and that's why I love it!

I created a gorgeous and colorful tablescape that will hopefully inspire you to have your own party! Grab the guacamole, salsa, and queso and let's party!

For my table, I grabbed some gift tags and made them in to name plates! Easy and cheap way to make a real statement! I always believe in giving a little party favor when people come over for an event, so I have plastic margarita glasses and little sombreros for everyone to take home! Simple, but totally relevant. In some of the pictures you can see I have two glasses: a margarita glass and a sangria glass too. I love to offer two kinds of drinks for all my guests! Also, don't be afraid to use a bunch of colors! Go for it!

Happy Cinco de Mayo amigos! Hope you enjoy this wonderful day! 

Most of my table is not available anymore, but you can shop these pitchers and margarita glasses that are similar to mine! 

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  1. The plating is gorgeous! I love all the vibrant colors.
    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  2. I love your Cinco de Mayo table! So colorful and fun, it's perfect!

    Kayla |

  3. This looks so festive! And I can't stop staring at that guac - yum!


  4. What a wonderful set up ! I love the colours!

  5. I've never done much to celebrate Cinco de Mayo but a bright, colorful party like this looks like so much fun!

  6. Such an adorable set up!

  7. This looks like such a fun party! I love love love your decor and place settings!

  8. I had a cinco de mayo party too! LOVE the bright colors!

  9. Love your decorations and the Guac looked so yummy.


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