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Friday Favorites

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Ahh! I can't believe it's already Frida again! The week flew by! On Wednesday, I had an interview for a dream job and it was one of the toughest interviews I've ever done. Then on Thursday I went to the Creative Souls launch party and a celebration for Tecovas boots. It was a busy, but extraordinarily fun evening. And to finish it all off, today my hubby and I are going to the Opry to see Carrie Underwood and Toby Keith! I've never seen them before and I'm totally excited to go.

On to my favorites for the week!

The Mrs Box // It feels like all my friends are getting married, which is a lot of fun. I stumbled upon these gorgeous ring boxes that I think would make a fantastic engagement present or bridal shower present. Even better news, The Mrs Box is so kind and is giving everyone of my reader's a 10% discount through the end of May! Just use the code Home10 and you've got yourself a gorgeous ring box. Just take a look at these dreamy pictures. You can shop all of the ring boxes here!

photo credits to The Mrs Box

Jord Wood Watches // I am working on something exciting with this fabulous watch company. All of the watches are wooden. I've never seen anything like that before! Make sure to drop by the blog on Monday to see what I've got going on with Jord! 

M Street Nashville // At the Tecovas Boot party, my friend Nicole and I went to Saint Anejo for the first time. Let me just tell y'all, the food and cocktails were out of this world. I've never been to any of the M street restaurants, but I can tell you I will be going back and trying them all. M Street is a group of 6 restaurants made up of all different types of cuisines. There is something for everyone and I'm seriously so excited to try them all. I love Mexican food and Saint Anejo really blew me away. 

Tecovas Boots // Yesterday's celebration was the first introduction to this Texas boot company. They are from Austin (hello?! one of my favorite cities) and they make stunning boots. As a Texas girl or a Tennessee one too, a good pair of boots is essential to your wardrobe. Tecovas is the first boot company that sells directly to you at home. There's no going through retail markup or anything like that. Genius idea if you ask me. The boots are made of luxurious leather and made to fit absolutely perfectly. Give these a shot and I promise you'll love them! 

I hope everyone has the absolute best weekend! I look forward to some downtime on Saturday to relax and watch the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie! My hubby has never seen any of them, so we finally are on the third one! 

PS: I am wallet shopping and having the hardest time picking one. I've used my favorite Prada wallet everyday for four years now. So in order to protect my favorite wallet, I think I need a new one! 

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