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Lingerie Shower Gift Guide

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I think one of my favorite parts about getting married was the lingerie shower! It was just such a fun little party that really amped up my lingerie drawer! My best friends are getting married and I am already on the hunt for the perfect lingerie for their drawers at home!

My tips on picking out lingerie for your Bride-to-be are pretty simple. Pick something that she will like, but also go a little wild! She only gets married one time, so why not pick something really cool and gorgeous to look at? As long as you think she'd feel comfortable in it, go for it. Make sure to pick out something that will make her feel confident as well. You don't want your bestie feeling nervous in what you pick out for her.

Traditionally, wedding lingerie is white. My advice, go for black, a light pink or blue. These colors scream sexy to me and will really make quite the impression. When shopping for the bride, think lots of lace, soft fabrics, and satin or silk. Anything soft will always be a winner. At my shower, I got a lot of leopard print items, which is so totally me. If she likes animal prints, I totally suggest leopard. But hey? I'm a little biased. 

All in all, a lingerie shower is the a great time to really have some fun and give the bride a really fun gift. Happy shopping!

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  1. Buying lingerie for friends is fun! I'll take your advice on going for colors black, a light pink or blue in buying lingerie. Thanks for the tips lovely. xx

    1. I think it just makes the shower even more fun! I love all my fun colored lingerie! White is normally for the honeymoon!


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