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Shop with Me: Beach Edition

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Tuesday is here and we are one step closer to Memorial Day! Wether you're going to the beach, lake, or just hanging out, have some fun this weekend! Another big bonus, there's a bunch of awesome sales this weekend, so I created a beachy shop with me post that makes me dream of strawberry daiquiris and my toes in the sand! 

Charm Sandals // These are probably the cutest new idea in sandals I've ever seen. I absolutely adore the bright colors, the charms, and the eclectic feel of these shoes. When you're wearing these, how can you not have the biggest smile on your face? I'm adding a pair of these beauties to my birthday wishlist!

White Purses // Summer is the perfect time to pull out your white bags and wear them with EVERYTHING! Recently, I saw a picture in the Nordstrom catalogue that highlighted white purses. That's when I fell in love with this white hot color. So now naturally I want one! I also love the tassels on a bunch of these I picked out. 

Sun Hats //  I've seen an abundance of sun hats that have adorable phrases written on the brims. I just think that is the cutest thing ever. There was one that said "Call me on my shell phone" and I just couldn't stop laughing. I'm sure I sent that to my husband as a hint hint for a birthday present. Not only are these hats adorable, but they're essential to any beach trip. They make protecting your skin from sun super chic. 

Sunnies // A good pair of sunglasses really is the cherry on top to any outfit. I'm personally a classic Ray-Bans girl, but browsing around I found some styles I would totally be willing to try. The heart ones are way too cute! Reminds me of when I was a little girl. I also love the modern take on the cat eye silhouette. So darn adorable! 

Beach Towels //  A beach trip is not complete without a darling beach towel! Bright colors, fun prints, and tropical vibes make for a really perfect beach trip. Any of these will make a perfect towel to lay on and enjoy the sun for an afternoon! 

I hope these inspire you to go shopping! Planning a beach trip ASAP!

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  1. Love these picks Nicole!!!


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