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Behind the Blog: Monogrammed Magnolias

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Last week, I shared a post that gave 10 facts all about me. If you didn't see it, you can check it out here! To my surprise, it was one of the most viewed posts I've ever had! This post was the jumping off point for my new series called Behind the Blog. It's going to be a fun series where I share 10 facts about my favorite bloggers! The series is a great way to get to know the ladies I love and learn something new about each of them.

Without further a do, the first blogger I love is Merisa over at Monogrammed Magnolias. She is such a sweetheart and takes a mean flat lay on Insta. I am so excited to share her 10 facts with everyone!

1. I'm a Kentucky girl and proud of it! I graduated from the University of Pikeville in 2014 with a degree in History and Political Science. Which comes in handy (sorta) at the antique store I run with my momma, called Junk & Disorderly. It's not exactly my dream job but it pays the bills while I work on figuring out what exactly my dream job is.

2. I just recently took the leap of my life and decided to rent a house with my sister and her best friend (who basically counts as my sister by now). It's been an absolute whirlwind but I can't wait to finally get settled in and decorate. Especially since I have the strong feeling that I was an interior designer in a past life like Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women.

3. My birthday just so happens to be Mean Girls Day..."It's October 3rd."

4. I have a desperate need to visit the United Kingdom. I treat April 29th like a bank holiday, there's a framed picture of the Union Jack on my desk, and I read British Vogue religiously. Outside of the UK though I like to keep my traveling down to domestic only, mostly because of my next fact.

5. I have a fear of open water. I have no idea why either, I've never even seen the ocean. There's just something about open water that gives me the heebie jeebies. So no oceans, seas, lakes, or even large pools for me please. Actually, I'm pretty good on a boat so that last part isn't a solid no.

6. My first name is Angel but I can't stand it unless you say my full name, Angel Merisa, so I just go by Merisa. Which explains why all my social media handles are @angelmerisa23...oh, 23 is my favorite number, has been since I was 5 when my best friend asked me what my favorite number was at snack time and 23 was the first to come to mind.

7. My favorite book is Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie because it was the first book I ever read that took me to a world built entirely from the author's own imagination. It continues to inspire my writing almost two decades later.

8. At 24, I watch just as much, if not more, Cartoon Network as I did when I was 7. I just can't help myself between the Teen Titans and Powerpuff Girls, it's a 90s kid's dream.

9. Speaking of cartoons, I have a slight obsession with Bob's Burgers...and diet cherry coke, hot pink lipstick, anything with cilantro & lime, the Jurassic Park movies, throw pillows, and keeping up with my Instagram aesthetic.

10. One day, I hope to have a big magnolia tree in my yard, a blue ceiling with fans above my wraparound porch, floor to ceiling bookcases in a library with a rolling ladder, a grand staircase in my foyer, and a chandelier or two. Not like that's too much to ask, right?

You can follow Merisa over on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for more fun and adorable pictures! Hope everyone is having a beautiful Monday!

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  1. Loved learning more about Merisa! too funny that her birthday is on Mean Girls Day!


  2. I have to email my facts in!! I love the idea for this series and am SO EXCITED to participate :)


    Hannah from HMS Jewels

  3. i too want to visit the United Kingdom. This is such a fun idea to feature your favorite bloggers

  4. I love this!! Getting to know personal details about bloggers is one of my favorite things! Wait...that sounded a little creepy, but you know what I mean. I love this idea and love getting to know the person behind the blog!
    Merisa seems awesome, and I have a pretty similar fear of the ocean, terrifying!!


  5. This was so fun to read.... great fun facts girl!

  6. That sounds like such a gorgeous home. I love learning more about the bloggers!

  7. The U.K. Is great but I must reccomebd visiting France and Italy a train away :)

  8. I loved reading this! The home sounds beautiful!!

  9. Such a fun post! I want to do something like this for my own blog. I love how your b-day is October 3rd. As a Mean Girls lover and daily quoter, I definitely appreciate that.

  10. Okay, that last fact?! Can I move in with her? That's basically my dream house to a T!

    Kayla |

  11. Loved learning about Merisa!

  12. It's so fun learning more about other bloggers! Love this!
    -Anna |

  13. I love learning about different bloggers! Great summer bucket list too

  14. Such a fun series! I love learning more about my favourite bloggers and this is the perfect way to find new ones that just happen to be your favourite!

    La Belle Sirene

  15. Haha! I've never seen Bob's Burger's but I love the Regular Show! Xoxo Mindy

  16. Love this whole post - I definitely need to do a meet-me ASAP :)
    XO Amanda |

  17. Love Merisa's blog! I'm also a huge fan of Bob's Burgers; it's hilarious!


  18. Loved getting to read more about Merisa's blog!


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