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Bourbon & Peach

8:27:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! This week just seemed to drag on, but it's finally the weekend. Tyler and I are going to The Opry again this evening. We love going and hearing all the amazing country music stars live! It's a really fun night out in Nashville.

Here is Friday's cocktail! It's inspired by husband this week. He love peaches and bourbon, so I wanted to share a cocktail that includes both! It's an easy two ingredient cocktail that you can make in like 5 seconds. Regarding the peach tea, if you want to use a tea bag and make it that way, go ahead! If you'd rather use pre-done tea in a bottle, go for it as well! Either one works fine.

Voila! You have a delicious cocktail to try this weekend that will totally impress all your friends.  Shop all my favorite bar items that will really make an cocktail that much better.

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  1. This sounds amazing!



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