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Behind the Blog: The Confused Millennial

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope that your weeks are starting off awesome and the rest of the week sounds awesome. Today, the Behind the Blog series continues with another awesome blogger. Her name is Rachel and she runs the blog The Confused Millennial! She is so sweet and writes the best stories that really hit home! So check out her 10 facts about herself!!

1. Me in a nutshell: I grew and still live in the same county, Palm Beach, in South Florida! I earned my Bachelors degree in Psychology from UF and my Master's Degree in Counseling from FAU... but currently have my own business as a millennial lifestyle blogger and business coach! 

2. I got fired twice in under a month. True story. I was so miserable that nobody wanted to work with me at the first place... and the second place... well I told the owner to go F*** themselves my first day... Whoops. I tried quitting after and she convinced me to stay... only to fire me a couple of weeks later!

3. TV is my BFF. Seriously, and it's been that way my entire life. I get so into the characters that I start pretending to be them or apart of the show... Let's just say things got weird during my Dexter phase... haha. But seriously, I start having dreams about them. I just can't get enough of it! Every time a show ends, I feel like I am breaking up with a friend.

4. My favorite person in the entire world is my fiancee. I really feel like he is my other half and I have the most fun with him and also grow with him as a person in a way I never thought possible. I can't wait to marry him in a few months!

5. For fun I like to randomly have dance parties by myself or with whoever is around. Sometimes my fiancee and I will go on walks and put in a song, then just start dancing up to whoever is walking in our direction in a very informal dance battle way. 

6. I am obsessed with The Bachelor Franchise... I broke free of it for a few years, but when Bachelor in Paradise started a couple of summers ago, I became totally sucked back in. Who else is rooting for Derek this season of the Bachelorette?

7. Water is one of the only things that can calm me down when I am stressed or anxious. Whether its the beach, a pool, lake, or shower. I need water to feel complete and whole as a person.

8. I absolutely hate shopping. I prefer to hoard my money and go on nice vacation or pampering. I seriously wear the same 3 tank tops and 2 pairs of pants everyday of the week. I am happiest when I am comfortable. I want cute clothes, but it's just too much work to find them at a price I want to pay.

9. My favorite stations on Pandora at 90s summer hits and Jack Johnson. I can dance and chill with these two all the time. However, for cleaning, I am all about the 90s hip hop station

10. I am obsessed with all things green and airy looking, like succulents and cacti. I can't get enough of them! I am even incorporating them into my wedding (well not cacti haha).

I just think she's absolutely fantastic! Anyone who loves 90's music is awesome in my book! 

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