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Comprehensive Guide to The Best Walls in Nashville

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One of the best parts about Nashville is the insanely gorgeous wall art. There seems to be a million different walls that make the most insane backgrounds for a picture. This last weekend, my good friend Nicole and I drove all around town looking for the coolest walls in the city. She runs the Instagram The Nashville Nomad, so the wall hunt was such a fun adventure. After seeing all the fun walls, I wanted to share for everyone who comes to Nashville and wants a unique adventure!

Five Daughters Bakery // 12 South
This one is the absolute cutest! Who doesn't love when it rains adorable donuts?!

 Draper James // 12 South
Classic blue and white stripes are truly as pretty as a picture! 

I Believe in Nashville // 12 South 
This is the iconic wall that everyone who visits must take a picture with! 

Frothy Monkey // 8th Avenue
The records make for a really Nashville-y backdrop while you Instagram your coffee!

Hillsboro Village Mural // Hillsboro Village 
Good pizza and beautifully colorful wall really make this picture gorgeous. 

Dragon // Hillsboro Village
This mural was created in 1920! It's huge, amazing, and very colorful.

Asteroids // Wedegwood-Houston
A perfect wall for any classic gamer out there! 

5 Points // East Nashville 
The best part about this wall is the colors and the fact there's a ton of walls in this spot!

Beauty and Beyond Pink & White // East Nashville
Ahh, the perfect pink and white backdrop for any girly girl! 

Parachute Media // East Nashville 
Classic East Nashville mural that is required whenever you venture into the East side.

Tennessee 5 Points // East Nashville 
This one is so pretty and explore the different areas of Nashville! 

Little Octopus // East Nashville 
What a little cutie! This one is in a fun area to shop around and grab some brunch!

Barista Parlor // East Nashville
This spot is a perfect place to grab a coffee and a bunch of cool selfies. 

Bar Luca // East Nashville
Super chic and totally European bar. Grab a prohibition cocktail while you're at it! 

Thistle Stop Cafe // Charlotte Pike
Colorful, bright, and adorable flowers make this wall extra special! 

The Dog Spot // Charlotte Pike 
Doesn't this just remind you of 101 Dalmatians?! I can't get enough of this wall! 

I hope you loved this post as much as I do. There are still plenty more to post about, but that will be in part 2! All the walls are perfectly fun and if you're visiting Nashville, provide a really great adventure around town!

I am flying to Dallas today for my best friend's bridal shower, bachelorette party, and my birthday! I am so excited to go home and see my momma! Hope you all have a beautiful Thursday! 

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  1. Great post! I'm thinking of doing something similar in Savannah...there's a list of the top ten tourist sights floating around out there, and it would be fun to play visitor for a day!

  2. EEK love this post! Definitely saving it- I need to come back to Nashville ASAP. Have so much fun in Dallas!!! Can't wait to see pictures! :)

    1. Yes do come and visit! Let me know and I'll take you wall hopping! haha :)


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