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Red, White & Blue Cocktail

9:08:00 AM

Happy 4th of July everyone! It's such a wonderful day to celebrate a great time in American history. To celebrate this awesome holiday, I created a delicious cocktail that will sure make your holiday pop!

It's super easy and very adorably patriotic! Also, it is perfect for kids and adults.


- Blue and Red Pop Rock

- Blue and Red Kool-Aid

- Champagne


- Rub a lemon or lime around the edge of the glass to create the wetness needed to get the Pop Rocks on the rim. Dip the glass into the pop rocks and twist to ensure the Pop Rocks make it on the glass. Make sure to do this step first!
Pro tip: don't pour out the candy until right before you dip the glass in. I did it too early and the red ones just kept melting off! 

- Make the Kool-Aid following the directions on the back of the packet. Add in ice to make sure the drink will be cold when served. Pour the Kool-Aid into the glass. 

- Add a splash of champagne to the glass to make it delicious for all the adults. Leave out this step to make it delicious for the children. 

That's it! Super easy drink that can be modified for anyone at the party. Hope everyone has the most wonderful day and I hope you enjoy all the beautiful fireworks!

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