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Top 5 Study Essentials

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As I'm sure most everyone knows, I have been studying so hard for an upcoming test at the end of July. I seriously haven't studied since college, so I have been working incredibly hard to make sure I pass. Being back in the game I realized the important study essentials needed to really pass a test!

Flashcards // This one may not be for everyone, but I totally swear by this essential. For my test right now, I have 200 flash cards! It sounds crazy, but writing out the cards really helps my brain make the connections. I also have people quiz me constantly with these and that makes it a million times easier to have someone else help me study. I totally have a cute little notecard holder that adorably saves my cards from making a mess all over the place!

Colorful Markers & Pens // I'm all about colorful things and when it comes to studying, colorful makes everything that much better. I raided the Crayola aisle and grabbed a pack of markers and my favorite Inkmate felt tip pens. They seriously have some kind of magic power when it comes to study aides. Call me crazy, I color code my notecards so I know where to find each specific subject. Told ya I love my colors!

Good Ole' Fashion Books // In the age of technology, I think books are really essential to studying. For the entire time I have been preparing for my French exam, I have looked through my French textbooks from college. I could not have done it without them. These books have all the information I need to really pass and knock this test out of the park. Maybe this is a given, but I see books used less and less these days.

Study Playlist // Music is the key to anything and studying is no exception to that. Back in sophomore year of college, I found the absolutely perfect studying playlist. It's the Ben Rector station on Pandora. The calming effect, the incredibly soothing lyrics, and the best suave voices really help put my brain in the perfect mind for studying. I seriously recommend this station for anything and especially studying!

Planner // To me, having everything laid out is what I need when I study. Having a planner with all the information planned out really eases the stress with testing. I plan out each day and what chapters I'll look over and then decide what to review as well. I'm all about taking off stress when it comes to an already stressful environment. The colorful pens and markers come into play again, because I color code everything to make sure it is all laid out according to plan.

What are your study tips or favorite study essentials? I cannot wait for this test to be over with so I can finally relax again!

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