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6 Ways to Brighten the Kitchen

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The Kitchen is one of my favorite places to decorate. I love the plethora of kitchen decor options and I love all the colors even more. With the changing of seasons, I like to add little touches here and there to brighten up the kitchen. It's an easy room to become mundane, but small bursts of color really make a strong impact. 

When it comes to kitchen linens, I go for bright colors and a lot of different patterns. I constantly change out the kitchen towels and each time they are a new bright color that makes me smile. It's the little things in my kitchen. Oven mitts are also a really great spot to make a big impact. The fun color and patterns can make taking out dinner from the oven something to smile about. My advice, always have at least 10 kitchen towels that are on a rotation. They get so dirty so fast, let's just be real here. Kitchen towels are my kitchen Achilles heel. They are all just so darn cute! 

Black and white pops in the kitchen are striking. Mackenzie Childs or Jonathan Adler are the perfect places to look for poppy black and white items. I just love the statement that they make. The Mackenzie Childs tea kettle is on my Christmas wish list. The checkered pattern is too die for. The black and white items paired with other bright colors are too perfect for words. Try pairing pinks, blues, or reds with the black and white. They will stand out perfectly, but also hold their own power in the color palette. Literal perfection. 

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have the best day and that Monday goes easy on you. I start my new assignment today so I am so excited to get to work! Hope you love all the colors in this post! Enjoy brightening up that kitchen!

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