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Magnolia Market

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So it's been a while huh? A ton has happened in the past couple weeks that unfortunately blogging has taken a back seat. BUT I'm back and ready to be the best blogger I can be. I've spent quite a few days in Dallas in my time off and enjoyed every single minute of it. While I was in Dallas, I took a day trip to Waco, twice to be exact, to visit Magnolia Market. My husband and I are big Fixer Upper fans so I was tickled pink that I got to visit their incredible market.

Magnolia Market was seriously so amazing and a dream. I loved being able to see the place I've watched on TV in real life. Everything was so beautiful. The Silos as they so lovingly call it has a huge store, a lawn for games, local Waco food trucks, a bakery, and a garden store.  If you watch the show, you know Joanna and Chip are just the most charming people ever. Their style is spectacular and super chic. The market was Jojo's style. I wanted to take everything home with me, but Nashville is too far away. Ha! Inside the stores, the displays are just darling! They have everything you could possibly want, but the candles are really delicious smelling. Unfortunately, it was so dang hot (102 to be exact) so I didn't spend much time out of the lawn playing games. I can't wait to go back in Fall possibly and spend a lot more time outside. If you're a blogger or just a photo junkie, this place is for you. So many gorgeous photo opportunities!! Anyways, The Silos were absolutely fabulous and I totally suggest anyone who loves the show to visit! It was such a fun and wonderful trip.

Got to meet "Chip & Joanna"! They were rather stiff....

Also fellow Fixer Upper lovers, don't forget to stop by Clint Harp's shop! It's so cute!

I'm so happy to be back to blogging. I have so many fun ideas coming up!

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  1. Never in my life did I think I would need to take a vacay to WACO....but it needs to happen. Especially once we buy a house!
    Piper Ellice @

  2. That shop looks so cute! I want to stop by there!

  3. My mom and I love that show!! It looks so lovely.

  4. I love that show and so need to visit soon!

    xoxo, Jenny

  5. This looks so cute! Fixer Upper is a great show.

    -Meagan | Love by Meagan

  6. I love fixer upper and sooo want to visit here! So cool!


  7. That one of my mom favourite shows!! That shop is super cute too!

  8. Love that show!! the shop is so cute too!

    Rachel |

  9. Ahhh im obsessed with fixer upper! Your pics are gorgeous x

  10. How cool is that?! Your photos are great.

    Alix |

  11. So cool how you visited the market! I love Fixer Upper!
    -Anna |

  12. I'm so incredibly jealous! I love watching Fixer Upper and am dying to go visit Magnolia Market!!


  13. What a cute hidden gem in Waco!

  14. Oooh, I've never heard of this place but it's definitely a place I'd want to visit one day! Everything looks so gorgeous! x

  15. Fixer Upper is one of my favorites. My boyfriend and I are dying to visit the Magnolia Market. How cool!


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