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Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had wonderful weekends and that your Tuesday is awesome. I am adjusting well to my new job at the high school, but I have to admit I'm so so tired. The days are awesome and exciting and full of challenges. It really makes going to work awesome. Now that I have another income, I have my eye on some super cute things!

Drybar Products // I have a very big love for The Drybar and I absolutely love their hair products. I have been using Triple Sec and the curling iron everyday lately and LOVE it. The curling iron is so easy to use and worth every penny. I highly highly recommend all of The Drybar products to anyone!

Ballet Flats // With my new job, I am constantly on my feet. I literally get 10,000 steps by lunch time! Ballet flats have become my new favorite shoe, because they are professional and also comfortable. I love how many different styles there are and I love that they truly go with every single outfit I wear. Literally, the perfect shoe! 

Free People // I happened upon these fabulous dresses a couple months back and if you ask my husband, then you'll know I wear them all the time. I love how free and flowey they are. They're perfect dresses to throw on and run around town in. The perfect mix of casual, chic, and adorable. The perfect dresses. 

Ugg Boots // Fall is slowly, but surely creeping in on us. I couldn't be more excited, because I absolutely adore fall. I love the warm boots and the cozy furry boots. My all time favorite cozy boots for the fall are Ugg boots. They may not be the cutest ever, but they are oh so amazing. I love the little bow details and the new colors that are always popping up! I can't wait to pull out my boots in a few weeks!

I cannot wait for the weekend! I look forward to going shopping this weekend! 

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