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Summer Cocktail

4:00:00 AM

Happy Friday everyone! I am off for a quick trip to the Smokies for a getaway with my hubby and doggies. A few weeks ago I tried this delicious cocktail that I just had to share with everyone! It's a mixture of champagne and rainbow sherbet, which is a perfect refreshing cocktail to finish out summer.

Good news for you, it's so easy! Literally two steps and you have a perfect summer cocktail.


Scoop out two scoops of Rainbow Sherbet and place in a rocks glass. Keep cold until it's time to serve the cocktail.

Pour a glass of champagne into a flute.

When ready to serve, slowly pour the champagne into the sherbet cup. Be careful not to let the foam spill out of the top! 

Voila, you have a very delicious cocktail! 

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope it's relaxing and full of fun! See y'all on Monday! 

photo credit for champagne flutes: Pretty Stuff Tumblr

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