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Weekend in the Woods

4:00:00 AM

Happy Wednesday everyone! We did it, we are halfway through the week!

PotteryBarn Leopard Plates: Similar | Mackenzie-Childs Tortise Shell Glasses: Similar | Maison Versailles White Dinner Plates: Macy's | Lanterns: Similar

Last weekend, Tyler and I visited his family cabin in the woods. There was no cell service, no cable, and no neighbors! Totally different than our home in Nashville, but it was so much fun. We watched movies, ate delicious food, and spent quality time together. At first, the no phone thing was super weird! As a blogger, I am attached to my phone 24/7 and my husband is glued to his all the time too. In the woods, we couldn't get service at all. It was pretty nice actually to spend all day with no phone distractions!

While we were in the woods, we decided to have a little date al fresco. We grabbed a picnic blanket, a little wooden table, and headed outdoors. For the dinner date, I stuck with woodsy colors and patterns and of course, leopard. I added some pine branches for a fun little addition to the table. Tyler wasn't thrilled, because those bad boys are super sticky. Word to the wise, stay away from them on your tablescapes! Our date was so much fun, but we did end up with quite a few bug bites. *MAJOR eye roll* Fresh air makes for a really great date spot!

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