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Fall House Tour: The Bar

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Happy Tuesday! Congratulations on making it through Monday! I hope you enjoyed the start of the house tour. If you missed it, you can check it out here. Continuing on with the tour, I introduce my husband's favorite part, the bar.

Snack Bowl: Pottery Barn | Monogram Decanter: Pottery Barn | Barware: Similar HERE | Mini Pumpkins: Target | Menswear Bird: Target | Bar Towel: Target | Coasters: Pottery Barn |

When it comes to the bar area, it's truly one of the most fun places in the house to decorate. For fall, I like to choose different types of bourbon or whiskey as the main boozy stars. For each I use a crystal decanter to accentuate the gorgeous amber color of the liquor. I also liked to throw in our monogram wherever I can! A tip I learned from my husband is always have all the bar area tools at the ready. His favorites  include a corkscrew, jigger, wine pull, and a strainer. I throw my twist on it by choosing different styles to go along with the different seasons. That's where I incorporated the fox motifs.

On the bar, I like to keep decoration relatively light. We have a very rich mahogany bar that beckons for a similar style of accent pieces. I fell in love with the houndstooth and plaid pumpkins this year and the darling menswear bird! I mean who couldn't love this little guy!? The bar towel is a sturdy fabric that is in an appropriate fall color with the most perfect plaid. Literally my definition of perfection. Also, with this bar I was all for metal mixing. The silver coasters look fabulous with the gold bar pieces.

The bar is such a fun place to really amp up the creativity. I love that you can play around with different textures, colors, and metals. I am so head over heels with the way the bar turned out the year. Now to kick our feet up and have a glass of bourbon.

Tomorrow I'll continue the tour! Get excited, because fall is in full swing at the Jeffery's house!

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  1. This looks absolutely perfect! I love all of your touches.

    Marshall | www.classicallyundone.com


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