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5 Tips on How to Write the Greatest Maid of Honor Speech

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A few weeks ago now, my best friend got married. I'm sure you heard me talk about it or saw it all over my Instagram and Twitter. It was just so beautiful and dreamy I couldn't wait to share it. Since I was the Matron of Honor (can we all agree that just sounds soooo old!) I had the exciting job of writing the speech! I am so scared of public speaking, but I knew if my speech was awesome then it would make all the difference. Staring at my computer for hours and getting totally stumped I finally found the words and wrote my speech. If I do say so myself, the speech was rather good and very heartfelt. I thought I'd share my tips on how to write the greatest MOH speech!

Make it Personal // I can't stress this one enough. I have been to a few weddings where the Best Man and the MOH just totally blew the speech. They said general "so happy for you" "yay!" and "congratulations to my bestie". So not fun! For Taylor's speech (The Bride), I included so many personal details from our friendship over the past 6 years. I even included a quote from a letter she wrote me when I was studying in Italy. I made sure to make the speech tailored just for her and her husband. Also, don't share any sad things. This is a happy occasion and no one wants to be sad during your speech! The personal details are what make the entire speech lovely and not like you copied one off the Internet 5 minutes before speech time.

Don't Use Inside Jokes // Absolutely NOTHING is more awkward than a speech where the MOH just rambles on about inside jokes no one will ever understand. It's totally ok to throw one in there casually like "We've had so many good times like (insert inside joke), graduating college, living together, etc". Inside jokes spoken about casually is so much better than just a constant inside joke speech that makes the audience very uncomfortable.

Share a Story // I cannot stress this enough, but people LOVE to hear stories! Wether it's her mother, father, grandparents, or other various family members, every single person loves to hear a story about their loved one. This is the part of the speech where you can get the most laughs or "awwww!", because chances are no one has ever heard this story except you and the bride. Word of advice, keep it appropriate and don't share anything that would absolutely mortify the bride either. Not a good idea to piss off the bride on one of the best days of her entire life.

Keep it Short, but not TOO Short // Another thing that really makes a wedding uncomfortable is a very, very, very long speech or a very short speech. The long one though really gets on everyone's nerves and makes people want to hit the bar for another strong drink. On the flip side, a 3 line short speech is also so not appropriate. It's a BIG day to your best friend, honor them by giving them your hard work and time that is shown in your speech. An ideal speech is a couple minutes, but makes the wedding guests feel like it flew by!

Know Your Audience // This one is kind of a given, but needs to be said! If the crowd is someone where you can say anything at all, then go for it. But a general rule of thumb is keep it G to PG. Anything past that requires a very special group of people or a little too much alcohol on your part. Not good.

A little extra tip for you, don't forget to say CHEERS and have a drink in your hand! This seems to be an often forgotten piece of the speech! It's also the way to let people know that your speech is over and everyone can take a drink! Plus, it means you can finally give back the microphone and continue on dancing the night away!

I hope this helps you write out the greatest MOH speech. It's a big deal and can be totally daunting. I totally get that, but it is so fun to give the speech of your life just for your best friend!

Now, here are some fun pictures that I took while I was at the wedding! They're totally gorgeous!

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