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Pumpkin Festival

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Last weekend, Tyler and I went to the Pumpkin & Harvest Festival at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens as our date for the week. It was absolutely stunning! I was blown away by the mass of pumpkins, mums, and overall beauty of the gardens. I wanted to share my thoughts and must see's of Cheekwood. There is so much to do and so much to see!

Must See's: 

-Pumpkin House

- Japanese Garden

-The Cheek's Mansion

-The Trains & Tree Houses


-Fairytale Cottage

Must Do's: 

-Art & Craft activities 

-Screen printing tote bags (if available) 

-Lunch at the Pineapple Room

-Listen to Bluegrass music in the Beer Garden

-Pick out a pumpkin to take home

-Create a bouquet with Amelia's Flower Truck

The pumpkin house is absolutely fantastically beautiful! It's a great photo opportunity to take fall pictures in! The entire grounds of Cheekwood are an absolute must see. Every inch is perfectly manicured and the flowers are spectacular. Tyler and I really enjoyed strolling through the scarecrows, because children and other groups created them! They were each so unique and adorably done. Our favorite was most certainly the Owl one! It's amazing! One of the most fun things to do that is perfect for the entire family is the arts and crafts area! We had the amazing opportunity to screen print our own tote bag. I've never screen printed anything, but it was so cool. I totally suggest this to anyone who wants to try something new and fun! 

When you go to Cheekwood, be prepared to spend a couple hours here. We were in no hurry and thoroughly enjoyed just strolling around. The weather was absolutely beautiful too so that was an extra bonus! To end the day, you should most certainly take home a cute fairytale pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. I walked home with a pink pumpkin and a peach one. I've never seen these colors before, but they were too cute for words. 

What is all on your fall agenda? If you live in Nashville, you must go to Cheekwood and check out everything! It's so incredible and will make for a really wonderful fall day out! 

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