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It's that time again! My favorite post! Shop with Me Current Cravings makes me want to hit the mall and really ramp up my wardrobe for Fall! Check out everything I'm loving at the moment!

Dior Makeup // Last week at the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show I had the awesome opportunity to try a bunch of different brands and styles of makeup. I literally tried them all! After trying so many new brands that I had always been hesitant to try (hey I grew up a MAC girl!) I fell in love with Dior. The makeup artist used the All-in-One palette for my eyes and blush and I seriously have never felt so pretty. The Airflash foundation was next and holy cow. This foundation was AHH-MAZING! My skin looked airbrushed, flawless, and so glowy. I was so amazing at how awesome the products were I went straight to the Dior counter and bought them! 

Cut-Out Booties // The beautiful fall weather is upon us and I get to finally wear boots! This year I was drawn in to the trend of cut-out booties. They're everywhere and oh so darling. The way the boot is cut really makes your ankles look so slim and who doesn't want a slim ankle?! Good news is there are quite a few styles and all the prices differ. I've linked my favorites down below! They are also super comfortable and still maintain their stylish demeanor! Love them!

Drybar Products // I know I've said this before, but The Drybar is absolutely the most wonderful blowout bar ever. For my birthday, my mom bought me the Beach Waves Blowout kit. It came with the curling iron, triple sec, and a bunch of other products. Y'all, all my life I have struggled with  curling my own hair. I really just am not good at it. I tried curling my hair with the Drybar curling iron and for some reason my hair looks fabulous every time I do it. I've done it so many times since and it always turns out super pretty. Extra bonus add a spritz of Triple Sec after and it gives instant volume. Score in my book! 

Kate Spade Swan Collection // So I don't know why I have become so in love with the swan collection from Kate Spade, but I have. I love the girly feeling and airy aura of the adorable pieces! I am a major fan of the entire collection and basically put it all on my Christmas wishlist. I just loooooove how cute they are! The dress is dreamy and I can just imagine wearing the socks when it's chilly outside! Ahh just too cute for words!!

I am so looking forward to Christmas this year! Doing these posts really help me put together quite a Christmas list! Hope everyone has a great Thursday!

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