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The Year of Cotton

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Today is such an important day in my life. My husband, Tyler, and I have been married for 2 years! I am so blessed that I found my soul mate. He's the most patient, kind, passionate, driven, intelligent, loving, and adoring person I've ever met. When he looks at me, I swear I melt. The love that comes from his eyes is the most pure form of love I have ever seen in my life. This man was made for me and I cannot believe I get to spend my entire life with him! I wanted to share a few things I've learned along the way during my 2 years of marriage.

First off, I hear so often that marriage is easy. Well let me tell you something, it's hard work. Every single day Tyler and I put a lot of effort into our marriage. If we didn't, it would crumble and neither of us want that. Not every day is peachy, but there is something peachy in every day. I love putting 120% effort into our marriage. He does the exact same. Just wanted to get that elephant out of the way!

One of the first things Ive learned is arguing in a marriage is so very different than in a relationship. When disagreeing with Tyler as my husband, there needs to be respect that drives the argument. I am guilty of not always doing this, but I am getting better thankfully. It's one of the areas where he excels and I work hard to do the same. I am a very passionate person, so when I get upset I get really upset. His calm demeanor normally lights my fire, because I feel embarrassed for being so mad. Over the last year, I have been very aware when I'm getting angry and when I am upset I try to be so respectful of this man I love and his feelings. He deserves that from me and I'm so so happy to give that to him! So my advice, work on arguing with respect! It will keep both of you happy and neither of you hurt.

Make each other a priority. In the world of social media, it's easy to lose each other between posting on Insta, snapping, or making sure you use all the right hashtags. My husband is a patient man and totally supports my blogging passion. I love that about him. Nothing ever seems to get under his skin, unless you are a slow driver then that's a different story. ;) He also runs his own very popular Instagram account, so we both get it. Every single night without fail, we spend a minimum of 30 minutes just sitting there or cuddling together. We normally don't talk a lot, but just enjoy the peace of being in the presence of your love. If either of us need anything at all, we would move Heaven and Earth to make it happen. His happiness, health, feelings, and life are vital to me. He is my priority! Give the 30 minutes together a try, it makes for a really happy and stress free marriage.

Don't be afraid to have an adventurous date! Tyler and I started this new idea when it comes to dating. Each Saturday one of us plans a date and the other cannot say no. We switch off every other to take off the pressure of him constantly planning them or falling into the rut of just going to a restaurant. I'm not always very adventurous so that's where the no comes in to place. We have done some really fun things! We have explored the science museum, went to Cheekwood Artober (which was AWESOME), watched Bridget Jones's Baby, and so many other things. I have thoroughly enjoyed my dates with my hubby! We have the absolute best time!

I hope this post wasn't too off kilter, but I just wanted to share the things that have kept the 2 years we have spent married very happy. I truly love this man I married and I look forward to year 3 with him!

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  1. Love your outlook and advice! Happy 2 years to you 2! xoxo
    Piper Ellice @
    Starting Out Southern Blog

    1. Thank you Piper! You are such a sweetheart and always puts a smile on my face!!


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