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Murder Mystery Date Night

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A week ago, Tyler and I went and tried something new for date night. We had always wanted to try a murder mystery dinner, but never pulled the trigger on the idea. Well we finally went and we had a BLAST!! Literally a blast is an understatement. We tried out the Murder Mystery Co. and went to the Best Laid Plans: A Hollywood Whodunnit theme night. Oh my goodness was it spectacular!

So a little background on the event. The dinner is at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Downtown Nashville and a very cool location for this type of event. The company also wants people to dress up and get into character. We dressed up as old Hollywood 30's glamour and loved getting to pull out our fancier clothes for an evening. I got to wear my faux fur coat and a red gown, so I was so happy. My advice, if you do one of these dinners, participate in the dressing up part. It makes the entire atmosphere and evening that much more fun! You totally don't have to obviously, but who wouldn't want a fun night of dressing up. We also were a part of the Gold Circle, which gave us premium seats, fun photo keepsakes of the evening, and an opportunity to go into the room a little early.

From the moment we stepped in the doors, the actors were amazing. They greeted us in character and just made you feel so excited and happy to be there. When you walk into the room, they stop you to take fun pictures with props from the time period and if you're in Gold Circle you get to keep your mugshots (that's the official name of the pictures..isn't it cute?!) at the end of the night. We got to sit in the front with a great view of the "stage" area. The beauty of this event was the stage was the entire room and the actors always kept you moving, chatting, and working with everyone in the place.

Tyler and I are just sitting at our table taking it all in when a super darling actress comes over and asks me (in character of course) to be a part of the plot! She asked me if I was the new Hollywood starlet Cherry Bomb and gave me all the information I needed to be this character and play her through out the evening. I never get picked to do anything so this was such a fun little cherry on top. *pun intended* We sat at a table with another duo of ladies who were fabulous! The point of this murder mystery dinner is to find out clues and figure out who did it and why before the end of the night as a team. Your table mates are your team and most of the work comes from going around the room and asking everyone for clues. I LOVE the fact that they make you interact with everyone instead of just sitting there listening to a show. The best part is no one (even the characters) don't know who the murder is! Turns out, I was! haha I laughed so hard when they called my name and "arrested" me.

Every single minute we spent with The Murder Mystery Co. was so incredible. Tyler and I laughed the entire time, didn't stop smiling, and really truly enjoyed a fun night out. I would HIGHLY and I truly mean it recommend this event for anyone. Even if you're visiting Nashville, try it out as a fun dinner in town. T and I cannot wait to go back and try another theme and take some of our friends with us. Who knows, I could be the next murderer!?

Thank you to The Murder Mystery Co for the tickets and a really fabulous night! 

This review was sponsored by The Murder Mystery Co. As always, all ideas and thoughts are my own. 

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