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Your Guide to Nashville Wall Art

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Happy Monday everyone! I can hardly believe that we are approaching the end of February. Is it just me or is the year going by wayyyy too fast!? One of the things I absolutely adore about Nashville is the amount of wall murals constantly going up around the city. It feels like every time I think I've found them all, there are 10 more that popped up overnight. A while back I made the OG post about some of my favorite murals around Nashville. You can read part 1 here. Tyler and I went on a wall mural hunt and I swear I have enough pictures for like 4 blog posts! 

As my friend SS says....Did you even go to Nashville if you didn't take a picture in front of a wall mural??  

What Lifts You Angel Wings // The Gulch
Off 11th Ave on the wall entering the parking garage. Don't worry this one is easy to spot. 

Acoustic Skyline // The Gulch
Off Division St, across the street from Yazoo. It's on the side of an office building.

Birds on Guitar Strings // The Gulch-ish
Off 8th Ave, on the side of Carter's Vintage Guitars. Don't forget to get both sides of the building!

Flowers // 12 South
Off 12th Ave, in between Green Pea Salon and Epice. Perfect Place to Kiss. 

Make Music Not War // 12 South
Off 12th Ave, in between Epice and Green Pea Salon. Right next to the Flowers. 

Ride Your Bike // 12 South 
Off of 12th Ave, behind Flipside. Take the little road that leads behind the building.

The Tri-Star // Wedgewood-Houston
On the intersection of Martin St and Humphreys St. Look for it on the grey building across from SNAP.

Field of Flowers // Sylvan Park
Off Murphy Rd, on the side of the building of Import Flowers. 

Sunflowers // Sylvan Park 
Off Murphy Rd and 37th Ave, on the side of Import Flowers.

Sea of Faces // Germantown
Off Taylor St and 7th Ave, on the side of Rolf & Daughters. Great place to grab a cocktail.

East Nashville // East Nashville
Off Main St and 6th Ave, on the side of Joyner & Hogan Printing.

Nashville Color Wall // East Nashville
Off Main St and 7th Ave, on the side of Center 615

Bonus! Don't forget to stop by and see the sweet baby wings next to the big angel wings in The Gulch!

I hope this post makes you want to explore Nashville this weekend or the next time you are in town! There are some seriously gorgeous places to get pictures of. Murals are just as important as BBQ in Nashville! You have to see them! 

Hope you have a fabulous Monday! 

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