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Easy Easter DIY Centerpiece

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Easter is less than a week ago and I can hardly believe the time. As an avid tablescape creator, I am always looking for new ways to spruce up a table. The centerpiece is something that can make a big statement or a little one, but makes a statement none the less. If you're like me and Easter really crept up on you, here is the perfect DIY centerpiece that is perfect for your table. It is cheap, easy, and very cost effective. 

Here is the directions and materials you need to make this cute DIY centerpiece.

There are a few things I wanted to give you my insider tips on for this how to! 
The wooden plaque is basically a wooden box with a large hole cut into the middle. It sounds way fancier than it actually is. Also, I picked a box that I was able to pop the grass mats directly in to it without cutting anything. It's so much easier to manage! I also used a metallic paint to add a pop of color against the white and the green of the grass. I used copper color from the Martha Stewart brand of craft paint. It looks like a chic and abstract version of dirt. *hahaha* 

I hope this Easter DIY helps make your Easter table perfect. It's super pretty and can also be used through the entire Spring season. Just add different props or decorations!! 

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