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Spring Outdoor Wish List

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Happy April everyone! I am totally loving the warm weather we have had in Nashville the past week. It makes me want to spend a good amount of the day basking in the sunlight and throwing the windows open. Since Spring has really sprung around my house, I have the desire to spruce up my backyard patio area. It's such a blank slate that calls for some great punchy colors and fun fabrics. Here is my wish list for my backyard! I'm totally noticing a theme when it comes to my loves for this season..lots of pink, blue, white, and gold! Why not have fun with the colors!? What is on your wish list?

1. Navy Chair | This beauty not only has a fabulous color, but it also has a really fantastic pattern! The sturdy material of the chair makes it perfect for a garden tea party.

2. Pink Pillow | I do love a good pink and this color really makes me smile. I love the small white pattern on the pillow. It really draws the eye to the simple beauty of it. Plus, the material is perfect for the harsh conditions that Spring brings weather wise.

3. Pineapple Wine Glass | This pineapple wine glass instantly screams let's have a party! I love how pineapples have really made their comeback this season and I'm totally ok with keeping the trend going. This one is super cute and under $15!

4. Coral Chair | This chair is a total mate to the navy chair. They are from the same garden collection and just look spectacular paired together. PS there are 2 other styles and 2 other colors available in this collection! And they are just as gorge.

5. Pineapple Ice Bucket | Gold and pineapples are a girl's new best friend. A Spring bar cart needs a pineapple ice bucket! How else will you be able to keep your guest's drinks cold??

6. Bamboo Planter  | This Spring one of my goals is to plant and grow some flowers. The only part of my house that sees any sunlight is the back patio. These planters will make it much easier for me to plan some flowers, since I don't have to worry about sunlight or forgetting I planted them. I tend to forget my flowers in the front yard...oops!

7. Blue Greek Key Pillow | Ahh, blue and white. My favorite combo! This combo not only has a stunning blue color, but it also has a fun pattern. Greek key is one of the prettiest and most sophisticated patterns I know. My dark patio chairs will love these beauties.

8. Margaritaville Linen Coasters | One this that always gets my attention is cutesy coasters and tassels. This set comes in 4 different colors and pays tribute to my husband's favorite Jimmy Buffet songs. So this set is a total win/win in my family! Another win, they are under $20 and on sale!

This wish list really makes me want to throw a party. Anyone wanna come over?

Happy Monday & Happy April!! 

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