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S'more Party Favors + Printable

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Tuesday is here and it's going to be a fabulous day right? Today I'm sharing one of my favorite parts of the s'more party I hosted last weekend! If you missed yesterday's post, then you can check it out here! I think one of the most important parts of a party is the party favor. Everyone leaves with something to remember how awesome the party was and also something to enjoy later. It is just a small little gesture to ensure your party is truly special. The best part is, they do not have to be big or extravagant, just something thoughtful that goes along with the theme.

For my s'mores party, I went with a sweet (pun intended) little take home s'more kit. I grabbed paper berry baskets like these at Michael's. I added a little bit of kraft paper grass kind of like the good stuff we all love around Easter. To top it off, I put a graham cracker and a couple marshmallows in the treat sack and tied them up. I added a couple mini chocolate bars too to finish off the cuteness! The best part, in my biased opinion, is the tag I attached to say thank you for coming. My sweet and very creative husband whipped up these little beauties for me. My guests absolutely loved them and were very appreciative of that extra little touch. Lucky for you, Tyler made them into a printable so you can use them in your own parties! A little extra fun fact for you, Tyler made my handwriting into a font for me for a Christmas present a couple years back. He included my handwriting as one of the fonts on the tag! Just a special little tidbit!

I hope you liked this special little post about my favorite things! Favors really are the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, the sun on a summer day. Grab the printable down below and enjoy! 

S'more printable here

This printable pdf may be used for private use and cannot be reproduced. Thanks!

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  2. Hershey's are my favourite sweets! And I am totally addicted to them. I wish I could write about simple things as appealing as you can.


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